Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Harrods Creek/Bob Meek Memorial Singing

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 26-27, 2014

Saturday, April 26

The 19th annual singing convention at the historic Harrods Creek Baptist Church was held the last Saturday in April and Sunday following. Tim Morton brought the class to order by leading 313t. Tim welcomed the class. Buford Parrish, deacon of the new Harrods Creek Baptist Church, spoke and also welcomed the class. Tim Morton made some announcements. The opening prayer was offered by Eddie Mash.

Leaders: Johanna Sims 335; Bill Hayes 452; Bob Cull 163b; Tom Morton 159; Katherine Eldridge 108b; Doug Trent 480; Randy Webber 173; John Hoerr 47t; Joel Deckard 176t; William Shetter 39b (SoH); Wayne Dell 277; Virginia Eldridge 421; Chet Gray 268; James Eldridge 402; Jim Patterson 547; Zachary Davis 322; Greg Creech 74b; Ray Rechenberg 203.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Tim Morton; Finance Officer—Joel Decker; Arranging Committee—Brenda Waters, Stephanie Fida, Johanna Sims, and Michele Cull; Secretary—Pat Meek.


Stephanie Fida and Darrell Swarens led 171. Leaders: Sheila Patterson 73t; Daniel Gray 460; Annaliza Cull 148; Seth Mitter 472; David Casenhiser 59; Laurel Cornell 569b; David Carlton 256 (SoH); Nathan Zweig 2 (SoH); Eloise Clark 145 (SoH); Esther Crookshank 192 (SoH); Len VanderJagt 146; Chris Goodbeer 344; Liz Meitzler 29t.


Leaders: John Hoerr 32t; Eddie Mash 254 (SoH); Grace Patterson 29b; John Bealle and Ray Rechenberg 430; Barb VanderJagt 178; James Page 173b (SoH); Tammy Heinsohn 155; Mary Brinkman 38b; Gail Doss 147 (CB); Darrell Swarens, Aubrey Hemminger, and Eddie Mash 441; Tim Morton 87. Prayer before the noon meal was offered by Bill Hayes.


Leaders: Tom Morton 496; Joe Fothergill 47b; Michele Cull 236; Delainey Bowers and John Hoerr 312b; Daniel Gray 453; David Carlton 411 (CB); Len Vanderjagt 99; Liz Meitzler 213 (CB); James Page 352; Tammy Heinsohn 504; Gail Doss 191; Joel Deckard 535; Eloise Clark 524; Alexander Udis 33b; Barb VanderJagt 49b; Nathan Zweig 15 (SoH); Ray Rechenberg 133 (CB); Annaliza Cull and Stephanie Fida 300; Bill Hayes 505; Katherine Eldridge 511t (CB); Greg Creech 38t; David Casenhiser 571 (CB); William Shetter 507b (CB); Virginia Eldridge 180; John Bealle 434; Doug Trent 68b; Sheila Patterson 551; Mary Brinkman 147b; Chris Goodbeer 276; Jim Patterson 86; Laurel Cornell 515; Wayne Dell 572 (CB); Seth Mitter 31t.

Announcements were made. Tim Morton led 49t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Darrell Swarens.

Sunday, April 27

The Sunday session of the Harrods Creek/Bob Meek Memorial Shape-Note Convention was called to order by Tim Morton leading 312b. The opening prayer was offered by Aubrey Hemminger.

Leaders: Johanna Sims 175; Bill Hayes 338; Darrell Swarens 36b; Bob Cull 503; James Page 121; Liz Meitzler 330 (SoH); Tom Morton 457; Doug Trent 66; James Eldridge 567 (CB); Ray Rechenberg 454; Rich Overturf 100; Rebecca Eldridge 339 (CB); Conner Wilburn 182; John Bealle 345t; Peggy Brayfield 415; Virginia Eldridge 317 (SoH); Tammy Heinsohn 449 (CB); Eloise Clark 16 (SoH); Katherine Eldridge 123b.


Leaders: James Page 168; Eddie Mash 96 (CB); Len VanderJagt 515; Gail Doss 362; Aubrey Hemminger 171; Tom Kochan 40 (CB); Kelly Toon and Beverly Lax 504; Daniel Gray 569b. (At this time, the class adjourned to the new Harrods Creek Baptist Church next door to sing for the congregation. Tim Morton led 49t, 155, 45t.); Stephanie Fida 125; Adrian Eldridge 124; Barb VanderJagt 282; Randy Webber 507; Joel Deckard 25b (SoH); Bill Hayes 354b; Tammy Heinsohn 547; Michele Cull 384; Peggy Brayfield 275t; Conner Wilburn 34t; Rebecca Eldridge 299; Rich Overturf 523; Liz Meitzler 411 (CB); James Page 284; Levi Bainter, Natalie Lohman, and Annaliza Cull 268; Eddie Mash 450 (CB); Eloise Clark 318; LaMar Schlabach 270; Kelly Toon 102; Len VanderJagt 146; Gail Doss 254; John Bealle 404. Prayer before the noon meal was offered by Adrian Eldridge.


Leaders: Aubrey Hemminger 84; Randy Webber 322; Raymond Horton 85; Elizabeth Rechenburg 106; Rich Overturf 294; Tom Cochan 323t; Darrell Swarens and Joan Aldridge 198; Johanna Sims 2 (SoH).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Michele Cull and Tom Morton. They led 430 (in honor of the sick and shut-ins) and 330b (in memory of the deceased).

Leaders: Kelli Tonnomacher 481; Alexander Udis 288; Ray Rechenberg 277; Daniel Gray 556; James Page 284.


Leaders: Katherine Eldridge, Rebecca Eldridge, James Eldridge, and Stephanie Fida 573; Peggy Brayfield 488b (CB); Aubrey Hemminger 142; Adrian Eldridge 264 (SoH); Eddie Mash 365; Stephanie Mattingly 455; Liz Meitzler 49b; Tammy Heinsohn 242; Gail Doss 501; Raymond Horton 41 (SoH); James Page 114 (SoH); Conner Wilburn 112; LaMar Schlabach 48t.

Tom Morton led 347 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Eddie Mash, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Tim Morton; Secretary—Pat Meek