Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Jones Memorial Singing (Cooper Book)

Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church, Opp, Alabama

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The annual Jones Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held at Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church on Saturday before the first Sunday in April. The class was called to order by Mike Jones leading 68b. Tim Jones offered the opening prayer. Mike Jones led 36b.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Mike Jones; Vice Chairman—Wayne Jones; Secretary—Barbara Jones.

Frank Strickland led 145b, 478, and 100 for the introductory lesson. Leaders: Don Clark 31t, 99; Nicole Bowman 142, 143; Mitch Davis 264b, 485; Russ Scholz 575, 47t; Kathy Folsom 505, 274t; Waylon Cravey 293t, 500; Royce Sellars 501, 571; Nancy Hogan 532, 559.


The class was called back to order by Wayne Jones leading 340. Leaders: Edd Bass 135; Karen Clark 514; Kevin Eddins, Elam Eddins, Ewan Eddins, Eric Eddins, Eli Eddins, and Ezra Eddins 229, 38t; Dana Eddins, Ethan Eddins, Emily Eddins, and Edith Eddins 563; Evie Eddins 159; Morgan Bunch 27; Nate Green and Norma Green 95b; Shane Brown 427; Joy Pearson 558; Bill Hogan and Mary Whitehurst 591; Jones Siblings—Mike, J.D., Wayne, Lera Ellison, Carmaletta Hawthorne, and Betty Kendrick 73t; Alice Sundberg 72; Ken Kelley 497; Sam Wright 546; Loretta Jones 30b; Ryan Bowman 417; Sue Bunch 268b; Aubrey Barfield 222; Joe Nall, Ryan Bowman, and Nicole Bowman 211; Mary Whitehurst 504t; Ernest Cockcroft 553; John Kelley 290; Janet King 148; Chip Westbrook 59. Mike Jones led 369, followed by prayer offered by Dodd Hawthorne.


The class sang 96 led by Mike Jones as the afternoon session began. Leaders: Michael Jones 384; Ken Sundberg 42; Linda Westbrook 584; Tommie Spurlock 156; Brian Kelley 112; Wynette Smith 282; Dewayne Hawthorne and Mike Jones 141; Larry Shaw 463; Lloyd Jones 465; Tim Jones 63; Wayne Jones 341; Billy Kelley 572; Barbara Jones, Connor Tillman, and Avery Tillman 276; Jones Cousins—Tammy Blue, Cynthia Sasser, Debbie Daughtry, Gayle Craft, Laquetta Grimes, Diane Ellison, LaShon Tillman, Rhonda Harrison, Michael Jones, Dewayne Hawthorne, Tim Jones 283; LaShon Tillman, Connor Tillman, and Avery Tillman 573; Merlene Hughes 174; Karen Clark 585; Don Clark 171; Bill Hogan, Nancy Hogan, and Mary Whitehurst 414; Sue Bunch and Morgan Bunch 516; Morgan Bunch 269 (for Vickie Aplin); Royce Sellars 447t; Kevin Eddins, Elam Eddins, Ewan Eddins, Eric Eddins, Eli Eddins, and Ezra Eddins 324; Shane Brown 47b; Sam Wright 53; Alice Sundberg and Bill Hogan 520; Mike Jones and Dewayne Hawthorne 108t, 500 (for Willodean Thrash).

Mike Jones led 285t as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Wayne Jones.

Chairman—Mike Jones; Vice Chairman—Wayne Jones; Secretary—Barbara Jones