Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Year’s Day Singing

Holy Trinity Church, Mapperley, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The class was called to order by Helen Brown leading 52t. Margaret Gillanders offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Helen Brown; Arranging Committee—Ian West, Chris Brown, and Sarah West; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders.

Leaders: Hannah Land 82t; Chris Brown 81t; Sarah West 33b; Ted Brown 511t (CB); Judy Whiting 268b (CB); Declan Synott 99; Vicky Elliott 266b (CB); Ewan Paterson 503; Eimear O’Donovan 144; Joe Vickers 54t (CB); Julie Russell 318; Michael Walker 123t; Steve Fletcher 53; Joe Jones 84; Rosalind Oldham 313t; Phil Tyler 38b (CB); Bryan Seale 571 (CB); Susannah Gill 270; Calum Woods 390; Sarah Hill 433 (CB); Ed Paton-Williams 472; Ruth Steggles 473; Benny Ross 476 (CB); Cath Tyler 479 (CB); Duane Nasis 85. Joe Jones asked the blessing on the mid-day meal.


Helen Brown reconvened the class leading 505 (CB). Leaders: Mark Wardlaw 184b (CB); Ian West 501 (CB); Judy Whiting 500; Ewan Paterson 277; Sarah West 572 (CB); Michael Walker 306; Hannah Land 392 (CB); Ted Brown 176b; Eimear O’Donovan 460; Ed Paton-Williams 448b; Sarah Hill 552 (CB); Bryan Seale 133 (CB); Susannah Gill 132 (CB); Declan Synott 217; Vicky Elliott 147t; Joe Jones 107 (CB); Benny Ross 66.

Gillian White conducted the memorial lesson, during which the following deceased were remembered: Tim Disney, Geordie Tyrrell, Norma Futers, Pat Gregory, Tim Ainsworth, Carol Wood, Steve Wood, Jill Herbert, Trevor Denton, Bill Gillanders, David Glover, Rafaella Baldini, Les Holmes, Harry Carr, Irene Alderson, Ted Alderson; Bea Gilmore, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama, USA; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi, USA; Carroll Lunsford—California, USA.

The following sick and housebound were named: Mary Newell, Hazel Walker, Dorothy Williams, Margaret Steel, Derek Bolton, Lucy Daubney, Barbara Morrow, Grant McLean, Chris Stadward, Steve Harrison, Maggie Boyle, Hugo Kinsley, Clara Kinsley, Lesley’s Mum, Jeannette Ginther, and Maria Wallace. Gillian White and Ted Brown led 496, and Gillian White closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Rosalind Oldham 563 (CB); Cath Tyler 325 (CB).


The class was called back together by Chris Brown leading 128. Leaders: Duane Nasis 314; Steve Fletcher 46; Joe Vickers 393 (CB); Julie Russell 163b; Ian West 152 (CB); Calum Woods 450 (CB); Ruth Steggles 559 (CB); Phil Tyler 364 (CB); Rosalind Oldham 480; Mark Wardlaw 458; Eimear O’Donovan 505; Susannah Gill 430; Bryan Seale 187; Sarah Hill 522; Michael Walker 177; Benny Ross 575 (CB); Joe Jones 587 (CB); Cath Tyler 531; Duane Nasis 426t.

Helen Brown led 347 as the closing song. Simon White dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Helen Brown; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders