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American Christmas Harp Singing

The Evergreen State College Organic Farmhouse,
Olympia, Washington

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Song selections are from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and An American Christmas Harp.

The American Christmas Harp All-Day Singing was called to order by Marla Elliott leading 46. The opening prayer was offered by Joby Winans.

A business meeting was held and service positions were elected and appointed as follows: Chairman—Marla Elliott; Arranging Officer—Solomon Ossa; Chaplains—Joli Sandoz and Joby Winans; Treasurer—Kate Fortin; Secretary—Clarissa Fetrow.

Leaders: Miranda Elliott Rader 90 (ACH); Bruce Rowland 9 (ACH); Heidi Kissinger 1 (ACH); Desirae Fendel 2 (ACH); Steve Tarr 62 (ACH); Marla Elliott 48 (ACH); Scott Kennedy 228; Steve Cackley 130 (ACH); Destiny Woods 306; Anna Stoerch 98 (ACH); Kate Fine 63 (ACH); Kevin Barrans 5 (ACH).


Marla Elliott called the class back together by leading 60 (ACH). Leaders: Clarissa Fetrow 28b (for Bill Windom); Harris Bernstein 107; Ana Tighe 198; Cornelia Stanton 104 (ACH); Erik Schwab 56 (ACH); Betsy Jeronen 441; Bob Schinske 450 (for Steve Cackley); Solomon Ossa 440; Karen Willard 99 (ACH); Kate Coxon 38 (ACH); Miranda Elliott Rader 82 (ACH); Steve Cackley 125 (ACH); Bruce Rowland 513; Anna Stoerch 126 (ACH); Steve Tarr 114 (ACH).


Erik Schwab led 31 (ACH) to begin this session. Leaders: Nick Taylor 294; Ana Tighe 171; Chase Arevalo 558; Erik Schwab and Steve Cackley 116; Anne Huckins 28 (ACH); Betsy Jeronen 573; Scott Kennedy 163b; Kevin Barrans 419; Karen Willard 39 (ACH); Bob Schinske 407; Cornelia Stanton 118 (ACH); Robin Fox 192. The blessing before the noon meal was offered by Joli Sandoz.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Kate Fortin leading 128. Leaders: Janet Vorvick 49t; Kira Olson 448t; Clarissa Fetrow 122 (ACH); Solomon Ossa 383; Jenna Bond Tompkins 532; Betsy Jeronen 426b; Chase Arevalo 480; Kevin Barrans 411; Anna Stoerch 327; Erik Schwab 89 (ACH); Karen Willard 129 (ACH); Ana Tighe 474; Bob Schinske 101 (ACH); Miranda Elliott Rader 46 (ACH); Steve Tarr 30 (ACH); Robin Fox 112; Scott Kennedy 455; Kate Coxon 86 (ACH); Cornelia Stanton 83 (ACH); Bruce Rowland 551; Kate Fine 168; Destiny Woods 273; Steve Cackley 19 (ACH); Harris Bernstein 457; Marla Elliott 162.


Bob Schinske called the class back to order by leading 101t. Leaders: Megan Casebourne and Joli Sandoz 49b; Ken Hallock 77 (ACH); Jenna Bond Tompkins 34t; Anne Huckins and George Huckins 32 (ACH); Linda Jones Berkemeier 88 (ACH); Solomon Ossa 522; Steve Cackley 354t; Mary Rose O’Reilly and Robin Fox 500; Miranda Elliott Rader 36 (ACH); Erik Schwab 287; Kira Olson 38b; Chase Arevalo 436; Nick Taylor 448b; Kate Coxon 535; Robin Fox 47b; Bob Schinske 546; Karen Willard 72 (ACH).

Marla Elliott led 267 as the members of the class took the parting hand. Joby Winans offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Marla Elliott; Secretary—Clarissa Fetrow