Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tennessee State Convention

Second Creek Primitive Baptist Church, near Five Points, Tennessee

October 12-13, 2013

Saturday, October 12

The 19th annual session of the Tennessee State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at Second Creek Primitive Baptist Church on the second Sunday in October and Saturday before. The Saturday evening session was called to order by Tim Reynolds leading 508. All songs were from the B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Revision. The opening prayer was offered by Darrell Swarens.

Leaders: Tim Reynolds 73b; Eddie Mash 501, 522; Darrell Swarens 505, 511t; Michelle Cull 571, 336t; Sandie Scott 392, 424.


Caleb Dillehay called the class back leading 54t. Leaders: Caleb Dillehay 266t (by request), 448; Claudia Dean 96, 30b: Kerene Box 146, 155; Marilyn Burchett 107, 229: Michelle Cull 393 (by request). Tim Reynolds led 132 as the closing song. Eddie Mash offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, October 13

The Sunday session was called to order by Tim Reynolds leading 49t. Caleb Dillehay offered the opening prayer.

Song selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Leaders: Tim Reynolds 148; David Carlton 162, 70b: Sandie Scott 124, 400: Darrell Swarens 36b, 300 (Clayton Ezell’s most led song); Claudia Dean 66, 285t.


Tim Reynolds called the session back to order leading 135. A business session was held, and the present officers will continue to serve: Chairman—Tim Reynolds; Vice Chairman—Eddie Mash; Secretary—Sandie Scott.

Leaders: Angela Myers 56t, 385b; Laurens Blankers 276, 479; Caleb Dillehay 39b, 182; Judy Caudle 183, 201; Tammy Heinsohn 294, 178; Marilyn Burchett 312b, 108b; Kerene Box 159, 146.


Tim Reynolds led 171 to bring the class together. The memorial lesson was conducted by Darrell Swarens and Tim Reynolds. Darrell led 176t in honor of the following sick and homebound: Loraine Bayer, Duncan Cull, Allen DuBose, Jimmie Gilmore, Raymond Hamrick, S.T. Reed, Mary Lou Reynolds, Lavoy Smith, Toney Smith, and Gordon Wilkinson.

Tim Reynolds spoke of the tradition and seasonal nature of Sacred Harp. We have lost many singers and promoters of Sacred Harp this year. He led 390 for the following deceased: Harrison Creel, Josie Hyde, Bud Oliver, Lessie Reed, and Jeff Sheppard—Alabama; Diane Mennella—New York; Emily Boswell—Mississippi; Clayton Ezell—Tennessee. Eddie Mash closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.


Eddie Mash called the class back to order by leading 87 and 434. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 89, 540; Kerene Box, Thelma Elliott, Reva Lee, Arlene Richardson, Iris June Durham, Nelda Ezell, and Eddie Mash 358, 408, 294; Arlene Richardson 168, 313t; Gravis Ballinger 314, 142; Michelle Cull 76b, 448t; Tammy Heinsohn, Mike Davis, and Twyla Davis 504; Darrell Swarens 507; Michelle Cull and Darrell Swarens 236 (by request); Caleb Dillehay 163b; Kerene Box and Arlene Richardson 268.

Announcements were made. The Tennessee State Convention will not be held at Second Creek Church in coming years. The new location for the convention will be announced at a later date.

Eddie Mash led 347 as the closing song. Darrell Swarens offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Tim Reynolds; Vice Chairman—Eddie Mash; Secretary—Sandie Scott