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Kelly Day Memorial Cooper Book Singing

Carroll County 4-H Community Building, Flora, Indiana

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The 6th annual session of the Indiana Cooper Book Singing (now Kelly Day Memorial Cooper Book Singing) was called to order by Brad Bahler leading 575. David Bahler offered the opening prayer. Robert Bahler led 567.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Brad Bahler; Secretary—Robert Bahler.

Leaders: Samuel Sommers 39; Holly Hauck 41; Myra Dalton 133; Syble Adams 63; Brian Newell 30t; Martha Beverly 140; Bill Beverly 511t; Cecelia Kramer 71; Anne Missavage 183; Marian Mitchell 264t; Nate Zweig 40; David Bahler 264b; Jan May 553; Jim Patterson 30b; Sheila Patterson 82; Grace Patterson 393.


Brad Bahler called the class back to order by leading 55. Leaders: Stacey Latimer 293b; Ruth Dolby 447t; Karen Bahler and Syble Adams 68t; Brian Newell 68b; Robert Bahler 76b; Samuel Sommers 180; Myra Dalton 572; Syble Adams 421; Holly Hauck 270; Martha Beverly 591; Bill Beverly and Larry Raff 484; Cecelia Kramer 137; Marion Mitchell 571; Anne Missavage 414; Samuel Sommers 483 (by request). Prayer before the noon meal was offered by Samuel Sommers.


Brad Bahler led 541 to bring the class together. The sick and shut-ins lesson was led by Brad Bahler, Syble Adams, and Myra Dalton. They led 540 for Naomi Frick, Ray Rechenberg, Loraine Bayer, Claudene Townson, and Phillip Wootten.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Brad Bahler and Ed Walton. They led 594 in memory of Kelly Day, Amy Phillips, and Doris Meador. The Indiana Cooper Book singing was then dedicated to Kelly Day, who first brought Sacred Harp singing to north-central Indiana. Leaders: John Bahler 382; Jim Crawford 518; Carol Crawford 585; Jan May 336; Nate Zweig 34; David Bahler 515; Jim Patterson; 47b; Sheila Patterson 367; Grace Patterson 324; Ruth Dolby 277; Stacy Latimer 52b.


The class was brought back to order by Brad Bahler leading 77t. Leaders: John Bahler 38t; Jim Crawford 276; Carol Crawford 563; Karen Bahler 478; Syble Adams 505; Myra Dalton 559.

Brad Bahler, Syble Adams, and Myra Dalton led 95b as the closing song. Brad Bahler offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Brad Bahler; Secretary—Robert Bahler