Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern Shenandoah Valley Singing
(The Shenandoah Harmony)

Cross Keys Ruritan Hall, near Harrisonburg, Virginia

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The class was called to order by John delRe leading 227. All song selections are from The Shenandoah Harmony. The opening prayer was offered by Thomas Ward.

Leaders: Kelly Macklin 196; Jim Glaser 94; Michael Walker 22b; Mary Wright 11; Mary DeNys 106; Liz Meitzler 305; Ben Hartland 403; Zachary Bullock 260b; Les Updike 296; Diane Ober and John Alexander 438t; Miranda Elliott Rader 264b; Sonia Chin 437; Adrian Mariano 194; Thomas Ward 218t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—John delRe; Treasurer—Liz Meitzler; Secretaries—Matt Roberts and Bev Yaeger.


The class was called back to order by Ted Mercer leading 41. Leaders: Mary Helen Dupree 1t. John delRe offered a statement of thanks to the committee that put the new Shenandoah Harmony book together, his family, those who had composed, arranged and written parts for the songs in the book and those who had helped with hearts and minds and hands to make the day possible. Leaders: Leyland delRe 411; Nora Miller 363; Stuart Jackson 200; Beverly Yaeger 50; Matt Roberts 298t; Erin Gum 64; Jim Strube 431; Jessica Keyes 65t; Joshua Barnett 335; Joel Miller 434t; Mary Baumeister 120b; Ben Cocchiaro 197; Tim Morton 48; Dan Coppock 324; Kevin Griffin Moreno 416.


The class was called back together by Nathan Berry leading 251. Leaders: Becky Wright 246t; Rachel Hall 25; Ruth Wampler 268; Martha Burns 38; Kevin Sims 83b; Leslie Booher 13t; Ina Shea 112; Mike Richards 104t; Hal Kunkel 348b; Terry Ryan 7b; Sam Kleinman 373; Christina Wallin 29; Berkley Moore 92; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 264t; Dan Harvester 162; Kathy Manning 254; Angharad Davis 225.


The afternoon session began with Jim Glaser leading 1b. Leaders: Kelly Kennedy 326b; Myles Louis Dakan 144; Emma Rose Brown 127; Ted Mercer 384; Thom Fahrbach 96b; Debbie Barford 155; Michael Walker 372; Erin Johnson-Hill 204; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 423; Allison Steel 243; Lindsay Kruse 260t; Nathan Berry 241t; Willis McCumber 284; Dave Barford 171; Ellen Lueck 276b; Peter Pate 288b; Bethany Towne 170; Bradley Knoke 273; Dan Hunter 314b; Steven Sabol 15.


The class was called back to order by Sonia Chin and Ben Cocchiaro leading 109. Leaders: Ed Rice 217; Chris Wilhelm 309; Liz Meitzler and Tim Morton 338; Ray Lynn Showalter 443b; Amanda Jokerst 188; Rachel Hall 193; Nathan Berry 173; Kelly Kennedy 154; Thom Fahrbach 21; Debbie Barford and Dave Barford 242; Ted Mercer 78; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 145; Allison Steel, Calum Steel, and Nora Miller 241b; Dan Hunter 100; Kelly Macklin and Leyland delRe 404t; Hal Kunkel 184; Myles Louis Dakan 456; Jessica Keyes and Kevin Griffin Moreno 76t; Dan Coppock 408b.

John delRe invited the class to attend a short ceremony across the street at the gravesite of Ananias Davison. Following announcements, he led 157 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Thomas Ward.

Chairman—John delRe; Secretaries—Matt Roberts and Bev Yaeger