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Harrods Creek/Bob Meek Memorial Singing

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 27-28, 2013

Saturday, April 27

The 18th annual singing convention at Harrods Creek Baptist Church was held the last Saturday in April and Sunday following. Michele Cull brought the class to order by leading 59, followed by welcome from Buford Parish, deacon of Harrods Creek Baptist Church, and announcements by Michele Cull. Michele Cull led 32t. The opening prayer was offered by Greg Creech.

Leaders: Sue Duff 331b; Fred Hoerr 35; Ron Harper 322 (SoH); Grace Patterson 542; Loraine Bayer 143 (SoH); Tom Kochan 274t; Steve Duff 138t (CB); Zach Martin 270; Jubal Bayer 41 (SoH); Tim Reynolds 313b; Sheila Patterson 39t; Jim Patterson 312b; John Bayer 145 (SoH); Elizabeth Rechenberg 463 (CB); Laurel Cornell 515.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-Chairladies—Michele Cull and Rebecca Eldridge; Finance Officer—Darrell Swarens; Arranging Committee—Brenda Waters, Chandler Bainter, Michele Cull, and Annaliza Jane Cull; Secretary—Pat Meek.


Leaders: Clara Herr 75; Hans Bayer 174 (SoH); Joel Deckard 61; Peggy Brayfield 449 (CB); Debbie Hall 497; Michael Domino 208 (SoH); Beth Garfinkel 188; Bill Beverly 511t (CB); Eddie Mash 33 (SoH); Greg Howard 448t; James Page 173b (SoH); Annaliza Jane Cull and Evelyn Pietrzak 268; Zachary Davis 125; Len Vanderjagt 29t; Doug Trent and Brenda Waters 49b; Virginia Eldridge 460; Ray Rechenberg 544 (CB); Liz Meitzler 213t; Janet Fraembs 572 (CB); Greg Creech 38t (CB) James Eldridge 103.


Leaders: Tim Morton and Darrell Swarens 424; Martha Beverly 377; Nate Zweig 19t (SoH); David Casenhiser 551; Wayne Dell 571 (CB); Jim Herr 310 (SoH); Bonnie Spitzkeit 393 (CB); Bob Cull 505 (CB); Tom Morton 503; Darrell Swarens 38 (SoH); Randy Webber 147b; Rebecca Eldridge 396. Jim Herr asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Leaders: Adrian Eldridge 345t; Mary Brinkman 38b; Steven Baer 421; John Hoerr and Fred Hoerr 528; Donny Reed 146; Katherine Eldridge 319; Joan Aldridge 84 (CB); Sue Duff 276; Fred Hoerr 33b; Stephanie Fida 411 (CB); Roger Crabtree 47b; Ron Harper 442; Loraine Bayer 369; Tom Kochan 496; Steve Duff 30b; Zach Martin 348b; Jubal Bayer 56 (SoH); Tim Reynolds 46 (SoH); Sheila Patterson 155; Jim Patterson 277.


Leaders: John Bayer 39 (CB); Clara Herr 300; Hans Bayer 564; Michele Cull and Chandler Bainter 236; Joel Deckard 25b (SoH); Peggy Brayfield 367 (CB); Debbie Hall 189; Michael Domino 232; Beth Garfinkel 117; Bill Beverly 484 (CB); Eddie Mash 146 (SoH).

Announcements were made. Rebecca Eldridge led 46 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by John Bayer.

Sunday, April 28

The Sunday session of the Harrods Creek/Bob Meek Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Michele Cull and Darrell Swarens leading 63 and 36b. The opening prayer was offered by Greg Creech.

Leaders: Zach Davis 31t; Ray Rechenberg 565; Jim Page 16 (SoH); Jim Vest 274t; Clara Herr 547; Eddie Mash 264 (SoH); Bill Beverly 336t (CB); Michele Cull 410t; Carol Savkovich 322 (SoH); Rebecca Eldridge 487; Martha Beverly 475; Donny Reed 59; Jim Herr 222; Joan Aldridge 166; Wayne Dell 271t.


Leaders: Tim Morton 168; James Eldridge 368; Greg Creech 74b.

Tim Morton and Ray Rechenberg conducted the memorial lesson. They led 176t for the sick and shut-ins, and 385t in memory of the deceased.

Leaders: Liz Meitzler 49 (SoH); Janet Fraembs 556; Tom Morton 159; Joel Deckard 535; Adrian Eldridge 105 (SoH); Randy Webber 442; Virginia Eldridge 426b; Beth Garfinkel 106. Donny Reed offered prayer before the noon meal.


Leaders: Adrian Eldridge 300; Peggy Brayfield 308 (SoH); Debbie Hall 532; Michael Domino 172; Nathan Rees 189; Doug Trent 480; Kelly Toon 294; Bob Cull 569b; Katherine Eldridge 143; Annaliza Jane Cull 384; Stephanie Fida 455; Darrell Swarens 111b; Donny Reed 119; Zach Davis 413; James Page 121 (SoH); Eddie Mash 20 (SoH); Greg Creech 488 (CB); Darrell Swarens and Annaliza Jane Cull 507.


Leaders: Rebecca Eldridge 115; Wayne Dell 235; Janet Fraembs 385b; Liz Meitzler 295 (SoH); Peggy Brayfield 62; Tyler Mullins, Michelle Canning, and Stephen Brashears 117; Nathan Rees 93; Debbie Hall 192; Kelly Toon 504; Rebecca Eldridge 347.

The closing prayer was offered by Adrian Eldridge, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairladies—Michele Cull and Rebecca Eldridge; Secretary—Pat Meek