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Hoboken School Singing (Cooper Book)

Hoboken, Georgia

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The 18th annual Sacred Harp singing held at Hoboken Elementary School was called to order by David Lee and Clarke Lee leading 68b and 68t. The opening prayer was offered by Jesse Roberts.

Leaders: Kathy Lee and Julie Lee 77t, 344; Amy Lee 285t; Frank DeBolt 283; Amy Armstrong 31t; Les Singleton 63; Shane O’Neal and Mary O’Neal 374, 49b; Louis Hughes 225t; Eleanor Haase 270; James Williamson 500; Karen Clark 516; Stanley Cade 47t; Sharon Kermiet 511t.


Clarke Lee brought the class back together by leading 118. Leaders: Claudene Townson 540; John Gardenour, Earnie Wine, and Beth Wine 46; Phil Summerlin 96; Dustin McCullough 438t; Jesse Roberts, Ashley Thompson, and Jessica Altman 434; John Kelso and Jessica Harris 522; Rexanna Lester and friend 572; Erica Hinton 74b; Chris Brown 28b; Johnny Lee 95b; Judy Whiting 507b; Dinah East 393; Jeanette DePoy 137; Micah Roberts 207b; Jeffrey Forbes 132.


David Lee brought the class back together by leading 57. David Lee led the memorial lesson, and Clarke Lee closed the memorial service with prayer. Leaders: Andy Crawford 162; Steve Luttinen 133; Judith Parker and friends 331b; Syble Adams and Ben 505, 513t; Macy Crawford and Joshua Leach 587; Sarah Kahre 594; Tony Batten and Lynn Batten 571.


Clarke Lee brought the class back together by leading 106. Leaders: Tommy Spurlock 112; John Plunkett 320; Jackson Fleder 368b; Eva Striebeck 168; Erica Martinez 450; Ian Quinn 101b; David Lee and family 176t; Matt Hinton 38t; Chris Holley and friend 497; Ashley Thompson 300; Reba Windom 478; Ben Copenhaver 514; Matt Bell 220; Laura Densmore 269; Ray Rechenberg 78; Billy Lee and Johnny Lee 159; Faye Baird 122.


David Lee brought the class back together by leading 274t. Leaders: Hayden Arp 585; Gavin Baxley 572; Fred Hoerr and Marty Hoerr 60; Jessica Altman 428; Eli Hinton 239; Corrone Bryant 99; Steven Taylor 295; Amy Steuver, Jennifer Caldwell, and Laura Caldwell 587; Donna Smith 142; Karen Martin 360; Delores Lee, Arlene Strickland, Sonya Johnson, Delda East, and Melinda Lee 27; Kirstin Skipper and Caleb Smith 348t; Stephanie Carter 336t; Mary Wainright and Charles Wainright 463.

Announcements were made. David Lee, Riley Lee, and Shane O’Neal led 343 as the closing song. Shane O’Neal offered the closing prayer.

Chairmen—Clarke Lee and David Lee; Secretary—Amy Lee