Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Shape Note Singing

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 5, 1997

The seventh annual Shape Note Singing was held at Harrods Creek Baptist Church at Brownsboro, Kentucky on Saturday before the first Sunday in April. The class was called to order. Leaders from Southern Harmony were: Dr. Hugh McElrath “Holy Manna”; Fred Todt “Pisgah”; James Page “Samanthra”. The morning prayer was led by Fred Todt.

Leaders: Keith MacAdams “Exultation”; Esther Rothenbusch “Wondrous Love”; Paul Foster “Star In The East”, “Dunlap’s Creek”; Bob Meek “Remember Me”; David Rust “Dublin”, “Olive Shade”; Jay Padgett “Restoration”; Glen Fulbright “Salvation”; Dick Dunagan “King Of Peace”; Bev Tilman “Promised Land”; Marlen Rust “Captain Kidd”; Janet Fraembs “French Broad”.


This session used songs from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

The class was brought to order by Bob Meek leading song on page 143. Leaders: Linda Coppock 299; Fred Todt 142; Ralph Long 45t; David Rust 480; Esther Rothenbusch 122; Janet Fraembs 532; Denise Mohr 344; Janet Borman 441; Daryl Mayberry 48t; Don Waggener 410; Michele Cull 40; Val Dunagan 171; Dr. Hugh McElrath 49b; Bruce Kokernot 135; Dick Dunagan 335; Bev Tilman 36t; Keith MacAdams 31t; Paul Foster 71; James Page 216.


This session used new tunes from hand out sheets and songs from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

Leaders: Keith MacAdams “Landsdowne”; Dr. Hugh McElrath, hymns from Baptist Hymnal; James Page “County K”.

A memorial service was conducted by Bob Meek.

Leaders: Bob Meek 28t; Linda Coppock 163t; Fred Todt 66; Ralph Long 457; David Rust 146; Esther Rothenbusch 68b.


The afternoon session used songs from Southern Harmony.

Leaders: Bob Meek “David’s Lamentation”; Linda Coppock “Amherst”, “Bound For Canaan”; Don Waggener “The Lone Pilgrim”, “When I Am Gone”; Daryl Mayberry “Mt. Zion”, “Warrenton”; Val Dunagan “Coronation”; Jim Page “Consolation”, “Delight”; Fred Todt “Resignation”; Faith Shine “The Young Convert”; Paul Foster “Dove Of Peace”; Bob French “Happy Land”.


This session used songs from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

Leaders: Janet Borman and Daryl Mayberry 178; Scott Meek 209; Janet Fraembs 475; Janet Borman 192; Bob French 245; Glen Fulbright 474; Loren Babcock Moore 203; Bruce Kokernot 128; Val Dunagan 391; Dr. Hugh McElrath 284; Marlen Rust 148; Paul Foster 183; James Page 440. The class was dismissed with Dr. Hugh McElrath leading “The Christian’s Farewell” from the Southern Harmony book.

People who served on various committees were: Food—Pat Meek, Betty Risinger, Becky Slone, and David Slone; Arrangement—Jack Oliver, Brenda Waters, and Jay Padgett.

Chairman—Bob Meek; Vice Chairperson—Bev Tilman; Secretary—Michele Cull.