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West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day

Haworth Methodist Church,
Haworth, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The 10th annual West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day was held at Haworth Methodist Church, in the United Kingdom, on Saturday before the third Sunday in November. Chris Brown began the day by leading 52t. John Hopkinson said an opening prayer.

Ruth Steggles taught a short singing school for the new singers present, in which she led 34b and 47b.

Leaders: Chris Brown 49t; Sarah Hill 37b; Nadine Wills 448b; Hannah Land 503; Phil Tyler 171; Colin Higgins 313b; Joe Vickers 481; Cath Ingham 388; Byron Tyler 99; Benny Ross 34t; Bob Butler 547; Josh Darby 65; Ruth Steggles 294; Anna Baldini and Connie Baldini 34b.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Chris Brown; Vice Chairman—Judy Whiting; Secretaries—Cath Ingham and Rose Hudson.


Jo Ellis called the class to order by leading 31t. Leaders; Judy Whiting 68b; Ted Brown 49b; Joe Vickers 163t; Geoff Grainger 89; Hannah Land 472; Chris Brown 28b; Jo Ellis 473; Bob Butler 136; Judy Whiting 72b; Benny Ross 330t; Anna Baldini 474; Sarah Hill 124; Ruth Steggles 535; Josh Darby 441; Phil Tyler 344; Nadine Wills 66; Colin Higgins 122; Ted Brown 225t. Benny Ross gave thanks for the noon meal.


Phil Tyler led 212 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Sarah Hill 384; Anna Baldini 146; Lin James 148; Geoff Grainger 268; Cath Ingham 87; Colin Higgins 47t; Jo Ellis 485; Ruth Steggles 430; Benny Ross 128; Nadine Wills 168; Ted Brown 35.

Hannah Land conducted the memorial lesson and read the following names of the deceased: Gordon Corrick—Hull; Joe Reynolds—Denmead; Brenda Grimshaw—Totton; Harold Newell—Dalton; Malcolm Robertson—Maidstone; Jean Hill—Carlisle; Maureen Gamlin—Derby; David Daykin—Nottinghamshire; Phillip Higgins—Oldham; Sirkka Tolppa—Finland; Lonnie Rogers and Marie Ivey—USA.

She also spoke for the following sick and housebound: Barbara Wood, Tony Parkinson, Curtis Owen, Bea Gilmore, Alan Jackson, Steve Foster, Cath Tyler, Irene Bown, John Hill, Gabriella Baldini, Vicky Waterworth, Nana Baldini, and Carl Morrison. She led 330b, and offered a prayer.

Leaders: Sarah Hill 378b; Judy Whiting 432; Geoff Grainger 339; Lin James 303; Chris Brown 81t; Josh Darby 159; Hannah Land 343.


Jo Ellis called the class to order by leading 192. Leaders: Colin Higgins 77t; Phil Tyler 436; Judy Whiting 150; Nadine Wills 235; Geoff Grainger 126; Sarah Hill 318; Chris Brown 319; Josh Darby 299; Ted Brown 97; Lin James 287; Hannah Land 228; Benny Ross 84; Ruth Steggles 454.

Chris Brown and Judy Whiting led 323t as the closing song. Benny Ross offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Brown; Vice Chairman—Judy Whiting; Secretaries—Cath Ingham and Rose Hudson