Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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The Original B.F. White Sacred Harp Singing Convention (1911 J.L. White Revision)

Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The annual Original B.F. White Sacred Harp Singing Convention (1911 J.L. White Revision) was held at Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia, on the third Sunday in September. John Plunkett called the class to order, welcomed all singers and friends, and led 30t. The morning prayer was offered by Billy Hollingsworth.

Leaders: John Plunkett 59; Russ Hanson 72b; Sandra Wilkinson 82t; Judy Mincey 55t; Malinda Snow 35; Billy Hollingsworth 138t; Martha Ann Stegar 490b; Tony Hammock 292t; Hayden Arp 478t; Robert Kelley 548b; Mary Brownlee 264t; David Brodeur 144; Oscar McGuire 155; Helen Bryson 182; Henry Johnson 426b; Rita Haley 63; John Hollingsworth 480b; Wesley Haley 137; Dave Farmer 478b; Judy Mincey 544t.

A business session was held and the same officers were elected to serve as follows: Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Russ Hanson; Secretary—Sandra Wilkinson.


Russ Hanson called the class to order by leading 101t. Leaders: Tony Hammock 370; Sandra Wilkinson 98; Malinda Snow 511; Billy Hollingsworth 154b; Robert Kelley 468; Mary Brownlee 496b; Martha Ann Stegar 519; Faye Holbrook 67; Hayden Arp 149; Tom Hanson 512; Carol Hanson 484t; Rita Haley 239; Dave Farmer 58; John Plunkett and students from Emory University 49t. Prayer was offered for the noon meal by Henry Johnson.


John Plunkett began the afternoon session by leading 504. Leaders: David Brodeur 38b; Oscar McGuire 444t; Hayden Arp 434; John Hollingsworth 527.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Helen Bryson. After a few meaningful and inspiring comments, Helen led 498t for both the sick and shut-ins and the deceased. The sick and shut-ins listed were as follows: Violet Thomason, Kathy White, and Ellie Soler. The deceased remembered were Dot Garrison, Benny Leavelle, Sally McEwen, James Tolbert, Florence Faith, and Lonnie Rogers—Georgia. The memorial prayer was offered by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Leaders: Jesse Roberts 493; Rebecca Higgins 408; Bob Goodman 492; Micah Roberts 40; Janet Wuichet 499t; Henry Johnson 37b; Alice West 36b; Carol Hanson 177; Tom Hanson 299; Helen Bryson and Lynda Phillips Camp 358.


Russ Hanson called the class together by leading 222. Leaders: Robert Kelley 372; Henry Johnson 427b; Mary Brownlee 151; Dave Farmer 339; Hayden Arp 175; Jesse Roberts 121; Micah Roberts 276; Alice West 277; Faye Holbrook 317b; Oscar McGuire 316; Tom Hanson 387. Mr. Raymond Hamrick was in attendance, but declined to lead.

Following announcements and closing remarks, John Plunkett led 389t. The closing prayer was offered by Jesse Roberts.

Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Russ Hanson; Secretary—Sandra Wilkinson