Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Shiloh-Little Vine Singing

Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, South of Tallapoosa, Georgia

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Shiloh Primitive Baptists Church was held on the first Sunday in September. Charles Woods called the class to order by leading 34b. The morning prayer was offered by Cecil Roberts.

Leaders: Cecil Roberts 33b, 35; Hayden Arp 39b; Claudia Smigelski 68b; Bill Beverley 106, 107; Eddie Mash 168, 365; Karen Rollins 36b, 227; Tony Hammock 60, 75; Nathalie Levine 37b, 146; Henry Johnson 375, 539; Martha Beverley 171, 212.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Charles Woods; Vice Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Secretary—Hayden Arp.

Leader: Arlene Woods 47b, 38b.


Charles Woods brought the class back together leading 283. Leaders: Marilyn Bradley 58, 59; Judy Henry 40, 77b; Ed Thacker 500, 433; Paula McGray Picton 475, 200; B.M. Smith 284, 389; Jack Nelson 300, 480; Charlene Wallace and Joann Ward 63, 203; Claudia Smigelski 569b.


Charles Woods called the class back together leading 287. Charles Woods conducted the memorial lesson. He spoke and led 34t for the following sick and shut-ins: Jean Ayotte, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, S.T. Reed, Lessie Reed, Ted Levine, Rosalie Levine, Danny Griffin, Carlene Griffin, Ed Rader, Lydia McGraw, and Lois Bowman.

He then spoke concerning the following deceased and led 285t in their memory: Travis Keeton, Cecil Sanders, John Merritt, Christine Gandy, Melvin Stiefel, Lonnie Rogers, Dr. Julietta Haynes, Ernie Jett, Harrison Creel, Homer Hulsey, Roger “Bobby” Goodman, and Leonard Robinson. Cecil Roberts closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Christina Wallin 122, 217; Michelle Cull 270, 384; Evelyn Harris 155, 47t; Louise Millholland 276, 323b; Margaret Thacker 48t, 46; Virginia Dyer 340, 193; Jason Stanford 162; Fallon Cook 49b, 192; Ruth Daniel 335, 378t; Nathalie Levine and Christina Wallin 277, 294 (by request); Joyce Lambert 56t, 82t; Claudia Smigelski 178; Paula McGray Picton 286; Michelle Cull 496; Martha Beverley 197.

After announcements, Charles Woods and Jason Stanford led 323t as the closing song.

Chairman—Charles Woods; Vice Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Secretary—Hayden Arp