Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mt. Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Northeast of Sipsey, Alabama

February 2, 1997

The annual singing at Mt. Hope Missionary Baptist Church on the first Sunday in February was called to order by Cecil Sanders leading songs on pages 32t and 30t. The morning prayer was offered by Pastor Stacks.

The class organized for the day by electing the following officers: Chairman—Cecil Sanders; Vice Chairman—M. H. Creel; Secretary—Flarce Creel; Arranging Committee—Travis Keeton.

Leaders: Cecil Sanders 460; Gertrude Wood 137, 112; Keterina Sanders 59, 454; Flarce Creel 34b, 43, 475; Gene Wakefield 100, 103, 108b; Tressie Adkins 78, 276, 422; John Hyde 111b, 297, 73t; John Hocutt 225t, 278b; David Roberson 220, 146, 490; Odie Horton 147t, 47b, 28b.


Cecil Sanders called the class to order leading song on page 318. Leaders: Lois Roberson 300, 203; Josie Hyde 200, 186, 192 (in memory of Lola Myrtle Roberson); Marie Guthrie “Great Roll Call”, 434, 411; M. H. Creel 167, 112, “Not Made With Hands”.

Pastor Stacks opened his message with “This is the day which the Lord has made, be glad in it” before reading the 100th Psalm, and a short message afterwards. Sister Lilly Williams dismissed with prayer for lunch.


Cecil Sanders called the class together after a delicious lunch which was enjoyed by all leading song on page 205. Leaders: Velton Chafin 399b, 472, 175b; Lena Wakefield 436, 480; Cassie Franklin 217, 187, 448b, 229; Ann Jett 37b, 42, 269, 327; Cindy Franklin 198, 64, 189; Billy Williams 231, 68b; Julianna Jett 59, 108 (t? b?), 56 (t? b?); Travis Keeton 348b, 343b, 383; Marie Guthrie “Great Roll Call” (by request); M. H. Creel 342 (by request).

Cecil Sanders and M. H. Creel led song on page 378b for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Pastor Stacks.

Chairman—Cecil Sanders; Vice Chairman—M. H. Creel; Secretary—Flarce Creel.