Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Baldwin County Singing Convention
(Cooper Book)

Bay Minette, Alabama

January 25-26, 1997

Saturday, January 25

The Baldwin County Singing Convention was held in the City Recreation Hall at Bay Minette, Alabama on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in January. Chairman J. A. Mosley opened the convention leading song on page 30t. S. T. Reed led the opening prayer.

Leaders: A. E. Probst 65; Mattie Townsel 145b; Norma Latham 571; Thurman Nall 140, 290; J. W. Oliver 440b, 330t; S. T. Reed 271t, 569; Hershell King 395b, 535t; Wanda Gregg 40, 89t; Leola Smith 297, 185; Nancy Van Den Akker 152, 573; Bill Hogan 32t, 300; Aubrey Barfield 497, 365.


J. A. Mosley called the class to order leading song on page 82. Leaders: Brenda Merritt 140, 543b; David Lee 383, 196; John Merritt 203, 263; Vickie Aplin 337, 122; Will Meaness 484; Cassie Franklin 508, 559; Rachel Lee 505; John Etheridge 288; Bill Aplin 466, 567; Tommie Spurlock 376, 574; Lurleen Heath 384, 222; Flarce Creel 39; Ann Jett 47, 54t; Albert Ryals 507b, 475; Harrison Creel 395b, 381. J. A. Mosley and David Lee led song on page 369, and David Lee led a prayer for the blessing of the food.


J. A. Mosley called the class to order after lunch by leading song on page 341. Leaders: Beulah Purvis and Wanda Fay 411, 410; Stanley Smith 296, 140, 272; Ben Patrick 470, 450; Cathy Lee 500, 392; Crystal Meaness 501; Charlene Wallace 192, 171; Carlene Griffin 170, 270; Hannah Lee 164, 511; Bryant Lee 49b; Christine Gandy 127, 348; Willie Mosley 72, 159; Bill Green, Honorary Chairman, 73t, 286b; Horace Nall 433, 516; Melissa Allured and Regina Glass 186, 182; A. E. Probst 239; Lurleen Heath 290.

Announcements were made. Song on page 377 was used for the closing song. John Merritt led the closing prayer.

Sunday, January 26

William Green, Honorary Chairman, and J. A. Mosley, Chairman, opened the morning session leading song on page 49t. J. A. Mosley led song on page 49b, followed with prayer led by S. T. Reed.

J. A. Mosley and Alice Mosley led song on page 45t. Leaders: Hershell King 204, 442; Norma Latham 54t, 567; Lurleen Heath 377b, 377t; Mattie Townsel 119, 155; Melissa Allured 447t, 447b; Eloise Wootten 299, 222; Harrison Creel 89; Tommie Spurlock 183, 402; Nancy Van Den Akker 408, 139; S. T. Reed 225t, 522; Wanda Gregg 85, 28; Flarce Creel 440b, 217; Bill Hogan 412, 146; Ann Jett 573, 503; John Merritt 566, 55; Thurman Nall 553b, 38t; Bill Aplin 67, 385; Emma Mosley 163t, 224; Ben Patrick 174, 387, 58.

J. A. Mosley announced that it was time for our memorial service. The Memorial Committee was comprised of : John Merritt, Leola Smith, and Cassie Franklin. John Merritt, who was chairman, gave a very meaningful talk regarding the meaning of “memorial” and how much our deceased singers and the shut-ins, would be so proud of the new songs that were led today. Cassie Franklin led song on page 393t, and Leola Smith led song on page 559. John Merritt led song on page 264, and closed the service with prayer.

A business meeting for the purpose of electing officers was held. The class voted to have as Chairman—J. A. Mosley; Vice Chairman—Bill Hogan; Honorary Chairman—William “Bill” Green. J. A. Mosley and Harrison Creel led song on page 228t. Harrison Creel offered the prayer for the blessing of the food.


The class was called to order by Dana Merritt leading songs on pages 486 and 358. Leaders: Regina Glass 42, 36; Brenda Merritt 522, 478; Willie Mosley 84, 77t; William Green 404; Gennie Whitworth 136; Hershell King 343; Cassie Franklin 86, 140; Bud Oliver 73t, 145b; Aubrey Barfield 220, 186; Melissa Allured and Regina Glass 142; Harrison Creel 395b; Tommie Spurlock 358; Nancy Van Den Akker 414.

Chairman—J. A. Mosley; Honorary Chairman—William Green; Vice Chairman—Bill Hogan; Secretary—Alice Mosley.