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Joe Beasley Memorial Singing

Concord Primitive Baptist Church, Winfield, Alabama

December 10-11, 2011

Saturday, December 10

The 17th annual Joe Beasley Memorial Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by John Beasley leading 47t. Velton Chafin offered the morning prayer. John Beasley led 47b.

A business meeting was held re-electing the current officers as follows: Chairman—John Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Schmeidler; Secretary—Sandie Scott.

Leaders: Richard Schmeidler 34b, 66; Sandie Scott 571 (CB), 408 (CB); Henry Schuman and Linda Hellerich 189 (CH); Don Keeton 59, 127; Mary Ellen Schrock 171, 505 (CB); Seth Poston 358, 275b; Cora Sweatt 155, 111b (for Harrison Creel); Doug Fower 87, 479; Juanita Beasley 61, 31b; Sarah Smith 23b (CH), 76b (CH); Marlin Beasley 129 (in memory of Travis Keeton), 512 (for Harrison Creel).


John Beasley brought the class back together by leading 570 (LD). The class sang the following songs from the Lloyd’s Hymnal: 333, 3, 5, 411, 298, 420, 204, and 336.


Don Keeton led 145t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Don Keeton 270; Charlotte Ehrman 157, 518 (CB); Bea Carnathan 100, 131 (CH); Velton Chafin 86t (CH), 93 (CH); Gary Smith 54t (CB), 484 (CB); Becky Briggs 81t, 108t; Hugh Bill McGuire 274t; Chug Beasley and Ruth Nix 33b, 235; Brenda Pena 229 (CB), 511t (CB); Jim Aaron 503, 569b; Betty Baccus 168, 421; Henry Guthery 81t (CH) (for John Merritt), 547 (CH); Seth Holloway 98 (CB), 369 (CH).

Announcements were made. John Beasley and Richard Schmeidler led 46 as the closing song. Don Keeton dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, December 11

The Sunday session of the Joe Beasley Memorial Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Henry Schuman leading 30t. Danny Creel offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Richard Schmeidler 84; Sandie Scott 186; Henry Schuman 318; Lisa Geist 273; Gravis Ballinger 120; Danica Thornton 401; Hugh Bill McGuire 472; Zena Tucker 47t; Chug Beasley and Ruth Nix 457; Mary Ellen Schrock 171; Kermit Adams 322; Doug Fower 385b; Linda Sides 328; Seth Poston 275b; Becky Briggs 384; Ken Tate 385t; Charlotte Ehrman 383; Warren Steel 74t; Betty Baccus 161.


The class was brought to order by Richard Schmeidler leading 313t. Leaders: Don Keeton 498; Lena Keeton 276; Gary Smith and Richard Mauldin 66; Jacob Donaldson 183; Joan Aldridge 182; Buell Cobb 52t; Sarah Beasley 129; Ottis Sides 475; Linda Thomas 81b; Paul Godsey 75; Faye Donaldson 371; Brenda Pena 480; Steve Adams and Lisa Geist 378t; Dorothea Maynard 218; Henry McGuire 448t; Cora Sweatt 159.

Buell Cobb and Judy Caudle conducted the memorial lesson. Judy spoke for those who are sick and homebound. Buell and Judy led 56t for the following: Willodean Barton, Virginia Carter, Johnny Chafin, Harrison Creel, Julietta Haynes, Leona Haynes, Charlotte Keeton Gober, John Merritt, Bud and Sammie Oliver, Pernie Pelfrey, Stella Pratt, S.T. and Lessie Reed, and Lonnie Rogers.

Buell spoke on behalf of the deceased and led 153 in memory of the following: Marie Ivey, Travis Keeton, Helen Wakefield Langston, Clarence McCool, and Cecil Sanders—Alabama; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Joanne Bowman—Massachusetts; Bernice Embry—Mississippi. The memorial session was closed. Henry Schuman led 340.


Richard Schmeidler brought the class to order by leading 31b. Leaders: Zena Tucker 268; Danny Creel 111b; Charlotte Ehrman 490; Richard Mauldin 410t; Mary Ellen Schrock 448b; Juanita Beasley 61; Glenn Keeton 163b; Doug Fower 178; Judy Caudle 411; Larry Ballinger 412; Brenda Pena 549; Marlin Beasley, Justin Beasley, and Jing Beasley 460 (in memory of Cecil Sanders and Travis Keeton); Ottis Sides 530; Henry Schuman 507 (for Josie Hyde); John Beasley 285t; Hugh Bill McGuire and Larry Ballinger 528; Freddie Briggs 388; Seth Poston and Jacob Donaldson 124; Ann Ballard, Becky Briggs, Bunk Beasley, Dorothea Maynard, John Beasley, Sarah Beasley, Marlin Beasley, and Justin Beasley 146.

Announcements were made. John Beasley and Richard Schmeidler led 62 as the closing song. Don Keeton dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—John Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Schmeidler; Secretary—Sandie Scott