Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Fohs Hall Four-Note Singing

Marion, Kentucky

January 25, 1997

The sixth annual four-note singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman William Ralph Paris. The first one-hour session was sung from Walker’s “The Southern Harmony” with the opening song on page 103 led by William Ralph Paris.

The Mayor of Marion, Kentucky, Michael Alexander, welcomed the singers to Fohs Hall on behalf of the City and the Community Arts Foundation.

Leaders: Tim Reynolds 15, 90; Becky Browne 120, 72t; Keith MacAdam 265, 50; Bob Meek 266, 275; Jim Page 78, 83; Dan Gibbons 92, 76.


Tim Reynolds called the class back to order for a one-hour session from “The Sacred Harp” leading song on page 200. Leaders: Pattie Doss-Butterfield 56b, 436; David Carlton 102, 551; Bob Meek and Jack Oliver 236; Jim Page “County K” (his own composition), 268; Sandie Scott 128, 40; Bill Shelter 198, 178; Keith MacAdam 209, 479; Laura Chipe 145t, 225t; Becky Browne 29t, 36b; Dan Gibbons 137, 300. Jack Oliver gave the blessing as we adjourned for lunch.


The afternoon session was called to order by William Paris, at which time the memorial lesson was given by him for Arnold Hunt of Marion, Kentucky. The song on page 66 from “The Southern Harmony” was led in memory of Arnold Hunt.

The afternoon session from “The Southern Harmony” was begun by William Paris leading song on page 80. Mr. Paris demonstrated the technique from Walker’s “The Southern Harmony” for measuring time by use of a plumb bob suspended on a string. The string has knots at specified intervals and when held at a certain knot, the meter of a tune can be obtained by swinging the plumb bob.

Leaders: Sandy Shultheis 32; David Carlton 38, 164; John Ramsey 90, 44; Sandie Scott 252, 103; William Paris 89b, 24b; Jocelyn Kasper 22; Keith MacAdam 88, 48; Jim Page 67, 322, Dave Ressler 306, 167; Tim Reynolds 16, 276t, 276b; Bob Meek 324t.


The fourth session was from “The Sacred Harp”. Tim Reynolds began this session leading song on page 192. Leaders: Dave Ressler 18 (Kentucky Harmony), 183; Jocelyn Kasper 72b, 186; Drew Foster 117; Clair Sayles 569b, 107; William Paris 89; Dave Ressler 454; John Ramsey 348, 224; William Paris 127; Drew Foster 126; Pattie Doss-Butterfield 189; Sandie Scott 475.

Announcements of singings in Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Wisconsin were made. Elder William E. Hunt and Sybil Hunt led song on page 79, “The Old Ship of Zion”, in memory of Arnold Hunt. Elder William E. Hunt dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—William Paris; Vice Chairman—Tim Reynolds; Secretary—Nancy Paris.