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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention,
Fall Session (Cooper Book)

Waldorf School, Austin, Texas

October 29-30, 2011

Saturday, October 29

The Fall Session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention was called to order on Saturday before the fifth Sunday in October by Gary Rogan leading 49t. After a welcome to all, he led 418, and prayer was offered by Curtis Owen.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Gary Rogan; Vice Chairman—Bill Bailey; Secretary/Arranging Committee—Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates.

Leaders: Bill Bailey 293t; Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates 36b; Rich Lee 264b; Al Rogers 63; Jane Goforth 393t; Donald Ross 393b; Cornelia Stanton 73t; Morris Nelms 68t; Eddie Mash 464; Jackson Owen 401; Becky Henricks 59; Riley Owen 32t; Rebecca Edwards 356; Lindsey Wiggins 182; Silas Huckaby 421; Ben Copenhaver 210; Ainslie Allen 76b; Paul Wilson 122; Ryan Young 414; Cheryl Foreman 66; Kyle Hearn 268t.


Singing resumed with Gary Rogan leading 330t. Leaders: Diane Ross and Findley Ross 78; Dan Velleman 543; Catherine Rogan 168; Tammie Powell 142; Reed Coates 35; Janie Short 196; Sonny Erwin 516; Jessica Garris and Vivian Garris 140; Jo Pendleton 447t; Kris Wiggins 85; Cassie Allen 292b; Tom Owen 465; Tamara Harris 57; Rick Foreman 273; Liz Owen 106; Robert Vaughn 95t; Sarah Huckaby 98; Scott Curran 567; Kristie Powell 132; Zach Rogan 30b; Katie Mahoney 186; Vivian Rogan 559; Mike Hinton 146; Gaylon Powell 524; Chris Nicholson 558; Alexa Gilmore 282; Leon Ballinger 297; Kevin Powell 138t.


Bill Bailey brought the singers back to order leading 406. Leaders: Kyle Hearn 383; Linda Booker 38t; Rich Lee 110; Cheryl Foreman 380t; Al Rogers 500; Robert Vaughn 411; Jane Goforth 501; Donald Ross 381t; Daniel Allcock 422b; Cornelia Stanton 449; Morris Nelms 128; Eddie Mash 199; Becky Henricks 564; Jackson Owen 401; Rebecca Edwards 69; Riley Owen 572; Lindsey Wiggins and Vergie Toller 563; Silas Huckaby 388; Olivia Powell 171; Ben Copenhaver 184b; Paul Wilson 144; Ryan Young 213.


Bill Bailey opened the last session of the day by leading 115. Leaders: Curtis Owen 442t; Diane Ross and Findley Ross 95b; Elizabeth Rollins 422t; Dan Velleman 82; Catherine Rogan 39; Reed Coates 416b; Tammie Powell 137; Janie Short 99; Sonny Erwin 198; Cassie Allen 419; Kris Wiggins 230; Liz Owen 203; Chris Nicholson 513t; Tom Owen 336b; Sarah Huckaby 299; Mike Hinton 544; Leon Ballinger 424; Vivian Rogan 463.

Gary Rogan led 553 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Tom Owen.

Sunday, October 30

The Sunday session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention, Fall Session, was opened by Gary Rogan leading 48t and 331t. The opening prayer was offered by Donald Ross.

Leaders: Bill Bailey 54t; Bruce Coates 133; Katie Mahoney 51; Gaylon Powell 53; Alexa Gilmore 217; Billy Huckaby 47b; Zach Rogan 49b; Tamara Harris 109; Kevin Powell 200; Kristie Powell 156; Scott Curran 376; Scott McCown 122; Garrett Powell 85; Rebecca Edwards 108b; Jeb Owen 225t; Ainslie Allen 142; Sonny Huckaby 450; Michele Rogan 39; Carter Cook 268t; Silas Huckaby 421.


Bill Bailey led 145t to open the second morning session. Leaders: Vivian Rogan 392; Ryan Young 390; Jackson Owen 32t; Becky Henricks 564; Eddie Mash 96; Cornelia Stanton 410; Riley Owen 500; Amy Peveto 427; Paul Wilson 68b; Jane Goforth 367; Sonny Erwin 336t; Cassie Allen 497; Kris Wiggins 507t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Michele Rogan and Bill Bailey. Michele Rogan read the names of the sick and homebound and gave an update on the recuperations of Aaron Shirazi and Zach Rogan. She led 68b for the following people: Thomas Robinson, Leland Owen, Aaron Shirazi, Jo Redmon Miller, Anthony Blevins, Doris Hanks, Lonnie Rogers, Harrison Creel, and John Merritt.

Bill Bailey led 558 in memory of the following deceased: Maurel Conway, Larry Cade, George Jones, Edwin Reed, and Harold Blevins—Texas; Marie Ivey, Travis Keeton, Clarence McCool, and Ernestine Pipkin—Alabama; Holly Dale Wilson—British Columbia; Bob Meek—Kentucky.

Scott Curran read several scriptures and made remarks about several of the deceased. The memorial lesson closed with prayer by Elder Sonny Huckaby.

Leaders: Beverly Coates 155; Chris Nicholson 264t; Diane Ross and Findley Ross 348t; Mike Hinton 434; Janie Short 404; Donald Ross 373; Ben Copenhaver 174; Leon Ballinger 383; Liz Owen 408; Reed Coates 511b; Catherine Rogan 192; Tom Owen 369; Sarah Huckaby 522; Alex Hawk 398b. The blessing before the noon meal was offered by Billy Huckaby.


Gary Rogan opened the afternoon session by leading 288. Leaders: Dan Velleman 36b; Linda Booker 444t; Al Rogers 575; Cornelia Stanton 507b; Ron Bernucho 463; Rebecca Edwards 402; Rich Lee 289; Olivia Powell 101t; Eddie Mash 196; Daniel Allcock 224; Lindsey Wiggins 216; Paul Wilson 411; Vickie Cook 335; Bill Bailey, with Waldorf School monitor, Vivian 332; Morris Nelms 59; Tammy Powell 189; Kris Wiggins and Lindsey Wiggins 215; Carter Cook 63; Diane Ross and Findley Ross 300; Garrett Powell 277; Chris Nicholson 175; Riley Owen 58; Janie Short and Jane Goforth 235; Donald Ross 123b; Mike Hinton 384; Amy Peveto 489; Leon Ballinger 120; Sonny Huckaby 395b; Michele Rogan 68t; Jeb Owen 67; Ben Copenhaver 239.

Following announcements, the officers led 62. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Sonny Huckaby.

Chairman—Gary Rogan; Vice Chairman—Bill Bailey; Secretary/Arranging Committee—Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates