Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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William Walker Memorial Singing

Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina

January 11, 1997

The fourth annual William Walker Memorial Singing was held at Wofford College on Saturday, January 11, 1997. Harry Eskew opened the singing by welcoming the singers and visitors. Prayer was led by John Bullard.

Harry Eskew introduced Hugh McGraw to teach a brief four note singing school. Hugh McGraw led page 49 from the Sacred Harp. Harry Eskew followed with brief remarks about the life of William Walker.

The business session was held. Officers elected or appointed were: Chairman—John Bullard; Vice Chairman—Willie Isreal; Secretary—Charlene Wallace; Arranging Committee—Willie Isreal. Three books were used: Sacred Harp (S.H.); Christian Harmony (C.H.); Southern Harmony (So. H.).

Leaders: Brent Holcombe 101 (S.H.), 230 (C.H.); Dr. Walter S. Hartley 178, 146 (S.H.); Sharon Kellam 71 (S.H.), 191 (C.H.); Lee Rogers 35 (S.H.); Gene Crenshaw 547 (S.H.); Henry Zittrouer 59 (S.H.); Frances Carnell 163b, 368 (S.H.); Laurel Horton 200, 48b (S.H.).


The class was called together by Willie Isreal leading song on page 117 (C.H.), 86 (S.H.). A proposal was made by Harry Eskew to change the date of singing, due to weather conditions in January. The 1998 session will be held on Saturday before the first Sunday in April. Leaders: Debra Jones 159, 480 (S.H.); Perry Carnell 570, 479 (S.H.); Andy Morse 183, 57 (S.H.); Scott Swanton 32, 215 (So. H.); John Bullard gave the blessing followed by lunch at the college.


The class resumed singing with Judy Mincey leading songs on page 50 and 287 (S.H.). Leaders: Harry Eskew 8 (So. H), 40 (S.H.); Diane Eskenasy 89, 135 (C.H.); Don Bowen 66, 32 (S.H.); Lynda Hambourger 299 (C.H.), 528 (S.H.); J. B. Parker 55b, 160 (C.H.); Jennifer Chandler and Mildred Chandler 109 (C.H.); Terry Chandler 369 (C.H.); four generations of the Parker family—J. B. Parker, Mildred Chandler, Terry Chandler, and Jennifer Chandler 82 (C.H.); Dan Huger 92 (So. H.), 339 (C.H.); Chris Berg 136, 381 (C.H.); LeAnne Carnell 180, 198 (S.H.); Steve Walker 214, 70 (C.H.); Becky Walker 81 (C.H.).

The class was dismissed with prayer by John Bullard after which the singing adjourned to the nearby cemetery and sang 341 and 62 at the gravesite of William Walker. John Bullard dismissed with prayer.

Chairman—John Bullard; Vice Chairman—Willie Isreal; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.