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Lee Rogers Memorial Singing (Christian Harmony)

Home of John and Elsie Hollingsworth, Ila, Georgia

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The 3rd annual Lee Rogers Memorial Singing was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in September. All song selections were from The Christian Harmony (2010 edition). The class was called to order by Robert Kelley leading 467 (CH). John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer.

Robert Kelley welcomed the class, and appointed Judy Mincey to serve as the Arranging Officer.

Leaders: Michael Spencer 510b (CH); Shannon Primm 23t (CH); Chris Wilhelm 45t (CH); Judy Mincey 51 (CH); Jane Spencer 105t (CH); Bill Hollingsworth 490 (CH); Matt Bell 329 (CH); Michael Jones 541 (CH); John Hollingsworth 93 (CH); Eddie Mash 54 (CH); Andy Morse 432b (CH); Mildred Chandler 136, 131 (CH); David Libbey 67b (CH); Mary Baumeister 332 (CH); Helen Bryson 35t (CH); and Greg Walton 260b (CH).


Robert Kelley brought the class back to order with 322 (CH). Leaders: Michael Spencer 493 (CH); Shannon Primm and Christy Sinksen 300 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 85 (CH); Judy Mincey 133 (CH); Matt Bell 364 (CH); Jane Spencer 378 (CH); Bill Hollingsworth 209 (CH); John Hollingsworth 259t (CH); Eddie Mash 374 (CH); and Andy Morse (for Ken and Sarah Slusher, in memory of their son) 64 (CH).


The afternoon session began with Robert Kelley leading 419t (CH). Leaders: Christy Sinksen and Bill Hollingsworth 546t (CH); David Libbey 546b (CH); Mary Baumeister 531 (CH); Helen Bryson 189 (CH); Michael Spencer 448t (CH); Shannon Primm 172 (CH); Judy Mincey 168 (CH); Matt Bell 30t (CH); Jane Spencer 548 (CH); Laura Akerman 372 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 250t (CH); Bill Hollingsworth 369 (CH); John Hollingsworth 280 (CH); Michael Jones 412b (CH); Eddie Mash 421b (CH); Andy Morse 63t (CH); Christy Sinksen 171 (CH); Mary Baumeister 547 (CH); Helen Bryson 420 (CH).

The class held a brief business meeting and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Michael Spencer; Secretary—Shannon Primm. The class decided $15.00 would be submitted for minutes publication in the Sacred Harp minutes book. The Chairman announced that the 2013 singing date will conflict with the nearby Pioneer Day singing. The class will decide at their next meeting if any action is needed.


The class sang a selection of songs from a new collection by Raymond Hamrick. After announcements, Robert Kelley and Bill Hollingsworth led 549b (CH) as the closing song. John Hollingsworth offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Michael Spencer; Secretary—Shannon Primm