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Sadsbury Two Book Singing (Cooper and Denson)

Sadsbury Friends Meeting, Christiana, Pennsylvania

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sadsbury Two Book All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was held at the Sadsbury Friends Meetinghouse in Christiana, Pennsylvania. Doron Henkin and Barbara Hohenstein brought the class to order leading 30t (CB). Cindy Wasson offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-Chairpersons—Barb Hohenstein and Doron Henkin; Secretaries—Carol Stevens and Laura Densmore.

Leaders: Carol Stevens 40; Laura Densmore 482 (CB); Guy Bankes 350; Cindy Wasson 50t (CB); Terry Ryan 559 (CB); Lynne Hoyt 199 (CB); Lamar Matthew 178; Dan Hunter 96 (CB); Ina Shea 482: Bethany Towne 416 (CB); Peter Golden 411 (CB); Nancy Mandel 380t (CB); Myles Dakan 381b (CB); Jessica Hostetler 49b; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 393t (CB); Heather Batson 300; Scott Robinson 276; Ted Stokes 54t (CB).


Peter Golden called the class back together leading 105. Leaders: Barb Hohenstein 292b (CB); Doron Henkin 210 (CB); Joyce Homan and Liz Richner 159 (CB); Carol Stevens 107; Laura Densmore 386 (CB); Guy Bankes 494 (CB); Cindy Wasson 38t (CB); Terry Ryan 344; Lynne Hoyt 87 (CB); Lamar Matthews 507t (CB); Doron Henkin 42 (CB); Dan Hunter 577 (CB); Ina Shea 498; Bethany Towne 464 (CB); Peter Golden 575 (CB); Nancy Mandel 77t; Tom Tucker 268; Myles Dakan 422t (CB); Jessica Hostetler 503; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 465 (CB). Cindy Wasson offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Leon Pulsinelle called the afternoon session to order by leading 146. Leaders: Scott Robinson 335; Liz Richner 135; Randy Gaul 481; Steve Hoyt 336t (CB); Barb Hohenstein 506; Ted Stokes 478 (CB); Sara Wetzel 171; Dan Hunter 450 (CB); John Merritt 490 (CB); Peter Golden 290 (CB); Nancy Mandel 51 (CB); Terry Ryan 572 (CB); Doron Henkin 392 (CB); Laura Densmore 133 (CB); Lamar Matthews 485 (CB); Jessica Hostetler 333; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 98 (CB); Bethany Towne 176b (CB); Guy Bankes 391 (CB); Carol Stevens 463 (CB); Lynne Hoyt 191; Myles Dakan 177 (CB); Ina Shea 309.


Oliver Kindig-Stokes brought the class back together leading 32t. Leaders: Randy Gaul 274t; Sara Wetzel 47t; John Merritt 487; Nancy Mandel 564; Peter Golden 142; Terry Ryan 192 (CB); Myles Dakan 137 (CB); Steve Hoyt 31t (CB); Jessica Hostetler 448t; Scott Robinson 162; Barb Hohenstein 518 (CB); Ted Stokes 519 (CB); Cindy Wasson 500; Doron Henkin 522 (CB); Dan Hunter 455t (CB), 455b (CB); Lynne Hoyt 393; Guy Bankes 391.

The class took the parting hand while singing 574 (CB). Cindy Wasson offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairpersons—Barb Hohenstein and Doron Henkin; Secretaries—Carol Stevens and Laura Densmore