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Tri-State Sacred Harp Convention and Tallahassee Singing (Cooper Book)

Tallahassee Museum, Tallahassee, Florida

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The 14th annual Tri-State Sacred Harp Convention and the 17th annual Tallahassee All-Day Singing were called to order by Morgan Bunch, who welcomed the class and led 70t. The opening prayer was offered by Charles Brewer.

Leaders: Ellen Gwynn 368t; Aubrey Barfield 140, 464; Alice Bejnar 101t, 55; Joe Nall 189 (for Kennon Smith); Mary Whitehurst 401; Ross Brand 45t; Shannon Guinn 82.


Shannon Primm called the class back together leading 315. The class sang “What a Day That Will Be” for Ms. Pearl Bell, who will be 90 years old on October 23rd. Leaders: Steven Taylor 31b; Victoria Aplin 421; Les Singleton 128; Sarah Kahre 335; Ken Kelley 442t; Loretta Jones and Lloyd Jones 465 (for Wilburn Ellison); Tommie Spurlock 112; Terry Herrin and Sherry Herrin 500; Tor Bejnar 28b; Mary Doyle 61; Stanley Smith 98; Sue Bunch 573.


Tim Jones led 63 to call the class back to order. Leaders: Russ Scholz 447t; Mary Amelia Taylor 558.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Aubrey Barfield, who led 47b for the deceased, and Mary Whitehurst, who led 264b for the sick and shut-ins. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Stanley Smith.

Leaders: Charles Brewer 486; Owen Poole 427; Teresa Coates 392; Eric Brough 81; Ernest Cockcroft 422b. The class sang 369, and Russ Scholz offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Russ Scholz leading 96. Leaders: Lee Bradley 40; Tim Taylor 47t; Frank Strickland 100; Vicki Mariner 155; Mike Spencer 380t; Ann Barnett 508; Danny Wood and Beverly Dayton 38b; Bill Aplin and Victoria Aplin 528b, 567 (by request); Bonnie Brown and Ross Brand 203; Durwood Rackleff and Aubrey Barfield 270; James Gardner 30t.


Mary Whitehurst called the class back together by leading 54t. Leaders: Beverly Dayton and Dessie Stant 282; Jeffrey Forbes 285t; Chris Philpot, Sarah Kahre, Catherine Williams, and Megan McDonald 488b; Katrina Sun, Morgan Bunch, and Sue Bunch 274t; Lorin Brand, Lana Brand, and Ross Brand 277; Maria Taylor 463; Martha Creel and Ellen Gwynn 87; Russ Scholz 283t. Morgan Bunch and Sue Bunch led 142 in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary.

Announcements were made. The next session of the Tri-State Convention will be held at Piney Grove Primitive Baptist Church in Headland, Alabama, in October, 2011.

Morgan Bunch, Alice Bejnar, and Aubrey Barfield led 62 as the closing song. James Gardner offered the closing prayer.

Tri-State Convention Chairman—Morgan Bunch, Vice Chairman—Aubrey Barfield; Tallahassee Singing Chairman—Alice Bejnar; Secretary—Sue Bunch