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Mt. Rainier Cooper Book Singing

Buckley Hall, Buckley, Washington

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The 2nd annual Mt. Rainier Cooper Book Singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach leading “A Song of the Pacific Northwest” (an arrangement of 422 by David Wright). Rodney Willard offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ken Hallock 52t; Anna Stoerch 31t; David Wright 488t; Linda Jweinat 449; Erik Schwab 293t; Greg Saue 563; Marla Elliott 508; Reed Schilbach 572; Erika Wilson 243b; Joanne Hoover 571; Steve Helwig 416b; Kari Lundgren 171; Bob Schinske 148; Darlene Simpson-Brown 511t; Thom Fahrbach 380t; John Carson 392; Marcia Stedman 393t; Solomon Ossa 54t; Julie Lee 128; Dan Thoma 55; David Kreiss-Tomkins 395t; Alice Poinier 64.


Kathy Vlach brought the class back together leading 293b. Leaders: Lucinda Saue 463; Carla Smith 38t; Peter Schinske 53; Daniel Allcock 497; Kathy Vlach 380b; Bruce Rowland 82; Karen Willard “Willard” (by R.L. Vaughn); Clarke Lee 287; Erika Wilson 411; Jerry Schreiber 505; Marilyn Murata 200; Steve Helwig 559; David Wright 30t; Jack Lofton 276; Kari Lundgren 500; Thom Fahrbach 126; Julie Lee 558. Rodney Willard asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Karen Willard brought the class back together leading 80t. Leaders: Bill Walters 35; Jerry Schreiber 235; Solomon Ossa 163t; Johnny Lee 273; Katharine Hough 184b; Cornelia Stanton 96; Marcia Stedman 268t; Erika Schwab 98; Marla Elliott 306; Susan Helf 270; Dan Thoma 137; Darlene Simpson-Brown 56; Bob Schinske 268b; Daniel Allcock 168; Alice Poinier 489; Carla Smith 150; Lucinda Saue 155; Karen Willard 522; Clarke Lee 132.


Kathy Vlach brought the class back together leading 145b. Leaders: John Carson 229; Betsy Jeronen 49t; Caroline Woolmington 47b; Marilyn Murata 478; Joanne Hoover 72; Johnny Lee 515; Linda Jweinat 381t; Jack Lofton 218; Bruce Rowland 166; Cornelia Stanton 573; Reed Schilbach 122; Julie Lee 330t; Kari Lundgren 335; Thom Fahrbach 140; Steve Helwig 29t; Clarke Lee 544; Bill Walters 346; Susan Helf 323b; Carla Smith and David Wright 391.

The class held a business session. The Treasurer, Jean Squires, reported that expenses had been met. The Arranging Committee reported that 81 songs had been led, with 48 singers registered over-all. Announcements of upcoming singings were made. The next Mt. Rainier Cooper Book Singing will be held on the Saturday before the third Sunday of August, 2011.

Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach led 147 as the closing song as singers took the parting hand. Rodney Willard offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairmen—Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach; Secretary—Linda Jweinat