Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tennessee State Convention

Second Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

October 13, 1996

Tim Reynolds called the Sunday session to order leading song on page 73b. The morning prayer was offered by Carthal Williams. Officers for this convention are: Chairman—Paul Plant; Vice Chairman—Tim Reynolds; Secretary—Cindy Franklin; Arranging Committee—Clellan Ezell and Glenda Ezell. Leaders: Tim Reynolds 34b; Clayton Ezell 278t, 225t; Gordon Wilkerson 475, 498; Keterina Sanders 454; Cecil Sanders 460; Mary Ruth Cannon 64; David Roberson 196, 220; Sandie Scott 117, 128; Velton Chafin 119, 319; Linda Thomas 299, 47t; John Hyde 61, 63; Clara Sayles 178, 59; Lavaughn Ballinger 84, 405.


Tim Reynolds called the class back together leading song on page 200. Leaders: Lora Cargo 189, 269; J. A. Mosley 341; Wanda Capps 283; Larry Ballinger 282; Shelley Capps 100, 73t; Mel Kersey 47b, 503; Flarce Creel 546, 275b; S. T. Reed 567, 495; Eldagene Roberson 215, 142; Thurman Nall 287, 523; Marie Guthrie 434, 380; Harrison Creel 512, 530; Kathy Hull 143, 551; Elvin Guthrie 193, 270; Edith Tate 157, 532; Floyd Screws 480, 348b; Ann Jett 48t, 49b; Earl Ballinger 177.


After a bountiful lunch, Tim Reynolds called the class back together leading songs on pages 27 and 159. At this time we went into a Memorial Lesson to remember singers and lovers of Sacred Harp who have passed away in the past year. Mary Ruth Cannon spoke a few thoughts concerning how we remember the passing of loved ones as we should remember Who died for us and our sins, so that we have assurance of eternal life as expressed in words of the song on 49b. The class then sang 49b. The list of deceased were as follows: Aver Crider, Tom Roberson, Glen Gillespie, Agnes Hocutt, Irvin Creel, Lucille Brothers, Tommy Creel, Dillie Harris, Odis Nall, Ester Reed, and Grover Williams. Sick and shut-ins: Vernice and Essie Calvert, Beatrice Ezell, Tom Harper, Lola Myrtle Roberson, L. E. Hannah, Unie B. Howard, and Eron White. Cindy Franklin then led 37b. Tim Reynolds closed the Memorial Lesson with prayer. Leaders: Marilyn Burchett 72b, 294; Chris Ballinger 58, 110; Josie Hyde 507; Travis Keeton 566, 482; Cassie Franklin 187, 344; Elmer Conwill 396, 300; Diane Ezell 137; Gene Wakefield 56t, 108b; Mae Conwill 298; Henry Guthery 558; Sherry Guthery 340, 410t; Debbie Sides 84; Paige Hunter and Alicia Conastseo 40; Anita Shadix 235b; Marie Aldridge 192, 436; Lena Wakefield 30t, 123t; Alice Mosley 87t 345b; Emily Shadix 45t; Vella B. Gillespie 358; Harrison Creel and family 342 (by request); Harrison Creel 111b; Cindy Franklin 198, 497; Sheila Burdett 196. Tim Reynolds led song on page 146 for the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Henry Guthery.

  • Saturday night session of the Convention is held at Coleman United Methodist Church, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, and the Cooper Book is used.

Chairman—Paul Plant; Vice Chairman—Tim Reynolds; Secretary—Cindy Franklin.