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Greene County Tennessee Singing
(New Harp of Columbia)

New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
Greeneville, Tennessee

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The 10th annual Greene County Singing was held at New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Greeneville, Tennessee, on Saturday before the first Sunday in June. All song selections are from New Harp of Columbia. Jeff Farr brought the class to order leading 107. Don Wiley offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Don Wiley 131; Mary Baumeister 67t; Cheryl Summers 143.

A business session was held with the following officers elected: Chairman—Cheryl Summers; Vice Chairman—Jeff Farr; Chaplain—Don Wiley; Secretary—Mary Baumeister.

Leaders: Virginia Douglas 42; Dan Huger A41; Ruth Kross 68t; Ann Strange 65; Leslie Booher A21; Claudia Dean 61; Julianne Wiley 206; Chris Wilhelm 28b.


The class was brought back to order. Leaders: Dan McCarter 14; Kathleen Mavournin 117; Bob Richmond 115; Linda Krieger 144; Jeff Farr 145; Don Wiley 82; Mary Baumeister 132; Virginia Douglas 57; Dan Huger 53b; Ruth Kross 57; Ann Strange 180; Leslie Booher 74; Claudia Dean 83. The blessing before the noon meal was offered by Don Wiley.


Leaders: Julianne Wiley A52; Dan McCarter 99; Chris Wilhelm 178; Kathleen Mavournin 39b; Bob Richmond 30b; Linda Krieger 18; Jeff Farr A96; Don Wiley 51; Mary Baumeister A125; Virginia Douglas 124; Dan Huger 208; Ruth Kross 56b.


Leaders: Ann Strange and Dan McCarter A162; Leslie Booher 44; Claudia Dean A127; Julianne Wiley A22; Dan McCarter 112; Kathleen Mavournin 125; Bob Richmond 109; Linda Krieger 35.

Following announcements, Don Wiley led 11 and 95, and then offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Cheryl Summers; Vice Chairman—Jeff Farr; Secretary—Mary Baumeister