Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Jackson Memorial Singing

Perry Recreation Center, Ozark, Alabama

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 75th annual Jackson Memorial Singing was held at the Perry Recreation Center in Ozark, Alabama, on the third Sunday in April. The class was called to order by Camille Harris, who offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Camille Harris; Secretary—Bridgett Hill.

Song selections were from The Colored Sacred Harp and The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition (CB).

Leaders: Camille Harris and Mary Harris 25; Bridgett Hill 4; Jackie Murry 3; Ruth Johnson 19; Henry Guthery 24 (t? b?); Nathan Rees 58 (CB); Ken Sundberg 20; Carolyn Thompson 84b, 543 (CB); Bea Carnathan 463 (CB); David Ivey 82 (t? b?); Winston Jackson 88 (t? b?); Shannon Primm 54; Jane Spencer 22t; Dawn Ross 19; Buell Cobb 470 (CB); Pauline Griggs 12; Annie L. Walker Locke, Camille Harris, Mary Harris, and Dawn Ross 59; David Ivey and James O. Johnson 488b (CB); Henry Guthery 4; Camille Harris and Ruth Johnson 239 (CB); Bernice Harvey 335 (CB); Jackie Murry and Nathan Rees 319 (CB); Shannon Primm 91t. Henry Guthery offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Bridgett Hill leading 76b (CB). Leaders: Jane Spencer 84 (CB); Bea Carnathan 559 (CB); Ken Sundberg 53; David Ivey 39 (t? b?); Buell Cobb 72 (CB); Ruth Johnson and Pauline Griggs 172 (CB); Winston Jackson 27; Dawn Ross 82 (CB); Alice Sundberg 264b (CB); Mary Harris and Camille Harris 26; Nathan Rees 400 (CB); Shannon Primm 92; Bernice Harvey 137 (CB), 442t (CB); Jackie Murry 65t; Jane Spencer 78; Carolyn Thompson 47b; Camille Harris and Winston Jackson 393t (CB); Annie Joyce Belcher 28b (CB); Pauline Griggs, Camille Harris, and Mary Harris 95; Henry Guthery 24 (t? b?); Naomi Jackson Ross 82 (t? b?); Bernice Harvey “Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time”.

Camille Harris and Dawn Ross led 59 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Winston Jackson, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Camille Harris; Secretary—Bridgett Hill