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Florida State Convention (Cooper Book)

Holiday Inn, Panama City, Florida

December 5-6, 2009

Saturday, December 5

The 41st session of the Florida State Convention was called to order by Tim Jones leading 293b. The opening prayer was offered by Johnny Lee.

Leaders: Tim Jones 461; Morgan Bunch 59, 168; Victoria Aplin 76b; Jewell Rowland 143; Aubrey Barfield 288; Tommie Spurlock 574 (for the Brewer family); Velton Chafin 86, 76t; Nancy Hogan 145b, 319; Sonny Erwin 488b, 488t; Reba Windom 478, 572; Robert Chambless 96.

Tim Jones appointed Wayne Jones and Mary Whitehurst to serve as the memorial committee.


The class was brought back to order by Tim Jones leading 63. Leaders: Frank Strickland 108b, 573; Marvin Reeves and Annie Reeves 404, 513b; Hans Guttmann 270; Chrissy Fullerton 268t, 444b; Joe Nall 186, 499.


Morgan Bunch led 98 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 313, 507t; Kathy Folsom 329, 522; Bill Aplin 567, 94; Beverly Dayton 410, 489; Bill Hogan 91, 494. The class sang 369. Tommie Spurlock offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Tim Jones leading 424. Leaders: Johnny Lee and Delorese Lee 82; Jeanette Nelson 132; Wayne Jones and Barbara Jones 464; Wynette Allen Smith 49t; Rick Foreman 273; Jenny Whitworth 436t; Nate Green and Norma Green 244; Mary Whitehurst 146; Ellen Gwynn 99; Adrian Nall 393t; Cheryl Foreman 380t; Loretta Jones and Lloyd Jones 465; Ernestine Pipkin 277; Ernest Cockcroft 422t, 553; Sue Bunch 148.


The singing continued with Tim Jones leading 358. Leaders: Russ Schulz and Kate Kelton Fischer 47t; Judy Chambless 563; Juanita Hill 84; Tommie Spurlock 137; Voncille Nall 285t; Loretta Jones 138t; Stanley Smith 433; Margaret Spurlock 112; Georgeanna Presnell 335; Ken Sundberg 540.

Announcements were made. Tim Jones led 95b as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Russ Scholz.

Sunday, December 6

The Sunday session of the Florida State Convention was called to order by Tim Jones leading 35 and 36t. The opening prayer was offered by Bill Hogan.

Leaders: Morgan Bunch 171, 106; Jewell Rowland 186; Victoria Aplin 417; Tommie Spurlock 182, 183; Velton Chafin 373; Nancy Hogan 543; Sonny Erwin 541; Robert Chambless and Judy Chambless 142; Reba Windom 559; Hans Guttman 511t; Wynonia Horn 168; Joe Nall 272; Jeff Sheppard 388; Kathy Folsom 143; Bill Aplin 216; Alice Sundberg 133.


Tim Jones brought the class together by leading 120. Leaders: Bill Hogan 450; Sarah Kahre 335.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Wayne Jones and Mary Whitehurst. The names of the sick and shut-ins were read by Wayne Jones and he led 187 in their honor. Mary Whitehurst read the names of the deceased, and then led 285t in their memory. She said this was a time to remember our friends who have already gone home... to remember the impact each one had on our lives. Life is a short span and our separation is temporary, then one day there will be a great reunion. The session was closed in prayer by Johnny Lee.

Leaders: Jeanette Nelson 449; Mike Jones 385t; Wynette Smith 558; Johnny Lee 569; Janet King 282; Chip Westbrook 398b; Barbara Jones 276; Rick Foreman 207; Jenny Whitworth 170; Nate Green and Norma Green 491. The class sang 369 and Tommie Spurlock offered grace before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Tim Jones leading 355. Leaders: Ken Kelley 572; Cheryl Foreman 225t; Adrian Nall 505; Chrissy Fullerton 478; Billy Kelley 571; Ernestine Pipkin 203; Ernest Cockcroft 47t; Sue Bunch 72; Russ Scholz 447t; Juanita Hill 274t; Voncille Nall 507b; Stanley Smith 235; Margaret Spurlock 268t; Ken Sundberg 507t; Mary Whitehurst 38b; Wayne Jones 30b; Aubrey Barfield 522.

The officers for the 2010 Florida State Convention were appointed as follows: Chairman—Morgan Bunch; 1st Vice Chairman—John Merritt; 2nd Vice Chairman—Nate Green. Those who served this year were recognized for their contribution to help make this singing a success. Announcements were made.

The class sang 336t as the closing song. Tim Jones offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Tim Jones; Vice Chairman—Morgan Bunch; Secretary—Jewell Rowland