Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Indiana Cooper Book Singing

Carroll County Fairgrounds Community Center, Flora, Indiana

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The 2nd annual Indiana Cooper Book Singing was called to order by Brad Bahler leading 575. Johnny Lee offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: John Bahler 111b; Karen Bahler 563; Henry Schuman 411; Claudine Townsend 383; James Nelson Gingerich 171; Syble Adams 478; Jubal Bayer 138t; Rachel Miller Jacobs 508; Johnny Lee 96; Roger Crabtree 392; Ruth Dolby 559; Matthew Lind 145b; Loraine Bayer 573 (for Regina Frick).


Samuel Sommers called the class to order leading 319. Leaders: Holly Hauck 63; David Lee 176t; Julia Hess 148; Bob Meek 574; Mary Caldwell 159; William Shetter 38t; Randy Webber 151; John Bayer 39; Nate Zweig 535t; Hans Bayer 511t; Rob Bahler 380t; Samuel Sommers 450; Ray Rechenberg 270; Susan Holsinger 166.


Brad Bahler called the class back together leading 55. Leaders: James Nelson Gingerich 571; Iris Weber, Brad Bahler, and John Bahler 451; Ed Walton and John Bayer 488b; Claudine Townsend and David Lee 32t; Johnny Lee 273; Loraine Bayer 336t; Randy Webber 36b.


John Bahler called the class to order leading 293b. Leaders: Janet Glossic 505; Henry Schuman 229; Syble Adams and David Lee “Song of Praise”; Matthew Lind 346; Holly Hauck 49t; Rob Bahler 370; Roger Crabtree 31t; Karen Bahler 48t; Ray Rechenberg 47t; Jubal Bayer 140; Rachel Miller Jacobs 103; Nate Zweig 567; Ruth Dolby 515; John Bayer 488t; William Shetter 268t.


Brad Bahler and John Bahler called the class together by leading 465. Leaders: John Bahler 486; Bob Meek 463; Hans Bayer 100; Samuel Sommers 544.

David Lee gave a brief presentation about Sacred Harp tradition, and led 68b with a demonstration of walking time.

Leaders: David Lee and Syble Adams 99; Johnny Lee 95; Claudine Townsend 68t; Syble Adams 367; Henry Schuman 522.

Announcements were made. Brad Bahler led 541 as the closing song. John Bahler dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Brad Bahler; Vice Chairman—John Bahler; Secretary—Henry Schuman