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Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association

Annual Meeting

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The annual meeting of the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association (SHMHA) was held at Jefferson State College on Saturday, November 21, 2009. President Jeff Sheppard called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. Board members present were Henry Johnson, Jeannette DePoy, Judy Caudle and David Ivey, Secretary. Terry Wooten was unable to attend.

Jeff turned the meeting over to David Ivey, Secretary. David described the responsibilities of SHMHA, which include Camp Fasola, the annual minute book, and sponsoring the Fasola.org website. David gave a brief history of the organization, which began in 1997. SHMHA’s Camp Fasola is now in its seventh year. This was its second year of offering two camps. One was geared for adults, this year held at Camp McDowell in Winston Co. near Nauvoo, Alabama, which had approximately 100 campers plus visitors (up from 80 in 2008). The new camp facilities were very nice; each room was more like a hotel than the dorm style at Camp Lee. The only two drawbacks were a power outage due to a thunderstorm that occurred, and the distance between the cabins and the meeting rooms was a far walk. The second camp was geared for youth under age 30 and was held at Camp Lee with about 140 campers (up from 110 in 2008.) We plan again this year to hold two camps with the same locations. Adult camp will be held June 13-17, 2010, and Youth camp will be held July 5-9, 2010, with the Muscadine all-day singing held on July 5th at the Ark at Camp Lee. We will have to increase the costs in 2010, as there are more costs involved at Camp McDowell than at Camp Lee. Registration will begin January 1, 2010.

David thanked the Sacred Harp Publishing Company for their gift of $4,000.00 for scholarships for camp. David has applied for grants from the Alabama Council on the Arts. The grant money given is, unfortunately, less each year.

David asked Judy to report on the minutes. Judy was happy to announce that the minutes are caught up to November 15, 2009. She thanked all the secretaries for being more prompt this year. There were 263 all-day singings submitted, and 29 two-day conventions. The cost for printing the book is now up to $2.34 each. There was a discussion about the fact that singings held late in the year may not need as many books. It was suggested that people whose singings are later in the year share some of their books with earlier singings. Please notify Judy if you have extra books.

SHMHA’s fiscal year is the calendar year; therefore, we will share the financials after the Jacksonville singing in early February. Pam Nunn and Shelbie Sheppard suggested that when you write a check to SHMHA, please indicate in the “For” section what the money is to be used for, i.e., “Scholarship for camp,” “minutes,” etc. Bob Meek has challenged singings to donate part of the money collected at all singings to SHMHA.

Sam Sommers asked if there was word from Camp Lee about re-building the church that burned down on the property last year. David reported that a new chapel will be built near the dining hall, and that the staff at Camp Lee had asked for his input. David suggested that it be an all wooden building a little bigger than the previous building. Camp Lee thinks it will be ready for camp next summer.

Jeff thanked Pam and Karen for all the refreshments at camp. David thanked all the singers who assisted and supported camp financially or by their work. David asked that if your employer will match your donation, please let SHMHA know.

There being no further discussion, President Jeff Sheppard adjourned the meeting at 4:15 pm. The meeting was dismissed with prayer by Richard Mauldin.

SHMHA is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, incorporated in Alabama, whose purpose is the perpetuation and preservation of Sacred Harp singing and its traditions. SHMHA publishes the Directory and Minutes of Sacred Harp Singing, operates Camp Fasola, sponsors the fasola.org website, and supports other activities related to the history and traditions of Sacred Harp singing.

President—Jeff Sheppard; Secretary—David Ivey