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Elmore County Convention (Cooper Book)

First Presbyterian Church, Wetumpka, Alabama

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The 2nd annual session of the Elmore County Convention was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in November, and dedicated to the memory of John Etheridge, Frank Hataway, and Paul King.

The class was called to order by Bill Hogan leading 448. He welcomed the class, read Hebrews 11:1-4, 12:1-3, and led 36b. The opening prayer was offered by Bill Hogan.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairman—Don Clark; Secretary—Nancy Hogan.

Leaders: Don Clark 320; Nancy Hogan 133; Frank Strickland 478; J.A. Mosley 559; Mike Jones 384; Judy Chambless 142; Steve Grauberger 426t; Kennon Smith 189; Ann Webb 282; Kathy Folsom 383; Emily Creel 86; Tommy Spurlock 405; Tim Jones 120; Henry Guthery 138t (for Johnnie Chafin); Billy Kelley 558; Alice Mosley 343.


Bill Hogan brought the class back together leading 155. Leaders: Ernestine Pipkin 110; Harrison Creel 355; Mary Whitehurst 215; Robert Chambless 145b; Wendy Futral 500; Ken Kelley 464; Danny Creel 567; Bea Carnathan 572; Janet King 148; Stanley Smith 98; Lloyd Jones 45t; Robert Walker 511t; Tim Cook 95b (for Johnnie Chafin and John Merritt).


Bill Hogan called the class back to order leading 470. Leaders: Wanda Capps 222; Eva Padgett 524; Victoria Aplin 421; Chip Westbrook 336b; Gary Smith 99; Jane Spencer 78; Bill Aplin 106; Jonathan Blakeley 444t; Shannon Primm 268t; Linda Westbrook 465; Wayne Jones 502; Jim Aaron 47b; Barbara Jones 461; Mako Cook 573; Alton Peters 571; Sam Smith 192. The class sang 369 and Danny Creel offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Don Clark brought the class to order leading 31t. Leaders: Ross Brand 108b; Robert Dupree 463; Loretta Jones 77t; Sarah Smith 505, 358; Frank Strickland 100; Mike Jones 395b; Judy Chambless 166; Steve Grauberger 94; Ann Webb 393t; Kathy Folsom 329; Emily Creel 404; Tommy Spurlock 212; Tim Jones 543; Henry Guthery 450; Billy Kelley 442t; Ernestine Pipkin 276; Harrison Creel 54t; Mary Whitehurst 414; Robert Chambless 70t; Ken Kelley 497; Danny Creel 140; Bea Carnathan 136; Shannon Primm 268b; Jane Spencer 273; Ross Brand 122; Robert Walker 336t; Tim Cook 55; Victoria Aplin 406; Chip Westbrook 501; Gary Smith 484b.

After announcements were made, the class sang 146 and shared the hand of fellowship. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Bill Hogan.

Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairman—Don Clark; Secretary—Nancy Hogan