Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Harrods Creek Shape Note Convention

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 25-26, 2009

Saturday, April 25

The 14th annual singing at Harrods Creek Baptist Church was held the Saturday and Sunday before the first Saturday in May. Michele Cull brought the class to order leading 39b, followed by welcome and announcements. Adrian Eldridge offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Greg Howard 448t; Nathan Zweig 75; Paula Oliver 354b; William Shetter 154 (SoH); Matt Hinton 142; Karen Arnett 455; Susan Zurcher 515 (CB); Hans Bayer 440; Tim Reynolds 38 (SoH); Jackson Pietrzak 159; Karen Bahler 551; Joe Manning 209.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Michele Cull; Finance Committee—Liz Meitzler; Arranging Committee—Brenda Waters, Chandler Bainter, Rebecca Eldridge, and Stephanie Fida; Secretary—Pat Meek.


Leaders: Tim Morton 50 (SoH); Bobette Olson 76b; Bob Meek 384; Levi Bainter and Michele Cull 392 (CB); Walt Scaff 488b (CB); Bob Sullivan 45t; Brad Bahler 550; Mike Grimes 574 (CB); Tom Kochan 96 (CB); John Bayer 39 (CB).


Leaders: Ryan Wheeler 278t; Clair Outten 573; Regina Frick 47b; Shawn Fenton 310 (SoH); David Carlton 16 (SoH); Jubal Bayer 89t (SoH); Randy Webber 287 (SoH); Greg Creech 86; Annaliza Jane Cull, Anna Hinton, and Michele Cull 146; Reda McIntosh 67; Laura Morton 282; Rich Overturf 313b; Loraine Bayer 274t; Seamus Allman 300; Scot Oliver 100; Roger Crabtree 29t; Drew Sellers 268; Michele Cull 276. Jim Herr offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Leaders: Mary Brinkman 143; Logan Hatfield 81t; Nathan Salsburg 186; Eddie Mash, April Waters, and LeShaun Gullion 155; Brenda Waters 511; Ryan Wheeler 236; Rebecca Eldridge 41; Erica Hinton 74b; Jim Herr, Clara Herr, and Liam Algood 222; Ted Mercer 542; Joan Aldridge 198; Tim Reynolds 49b; Robert Kelley 141 (SoH); Liz Meitzler 56b.


Leaders: John Seaton 47t; Peggy Mistak 449 (CB); Janet Fraembs 335; Stephanie Fida 192; Aura Lee Furgason 489; Peggy Brayfield 39b (SoH); Jim Helke 573 (CB); James Page 173b (SoH); Darrell Swarens and Kathryn Eldridge 137 (CB); Wayne Dell 277; Ruth Dolby 503; Tyler Scaff 393; Michele Cull 347.

Following announcements, a closing prayer was offered by Mike Grimes, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, April 26

The Sunday session of the Harrods Creek Shape Note Convention was brought to order by Michele Cull leading 51.

Leaders: Jim Herr 285t; Sue Duff 321 (SoH); Clara Herr 65; Steve Duff 501; Rebecca Eldridge 507; Eddie Mash 20 (SoH); Logan Hatfield 72b; Scot Oliver 505 (CB); Matt Hinton 365; Bob Meek, Ted Mercer, Eddie Mash, and Aubrey Hemminger 344; Tim Morton 574 (CB); Virginia Eldridge 83b; Peggy Brayfield 308 (SoH); Darrell Swarens 189; Nathan Zweig 177 (CB).


Leaders: James Eldridge 288; Joe Manning 313b; Pavel Ovechkin and Valerie Ovechkin 496; Liz Meitzler 512; Ted Mercer “Hinton”; Adrian Eldridge 83 (SoH); Doug Trent 128; Eloise Clark 408 (CB); Wayne Dell 572 (CB); Tyler Scaff 117; John Seaton 68b; Paula Oliver 124; Peggy Mistak 312b; Robert Kelley 73 (SoH); Janet Fraembs 265 (SoH); Aura Lee Furgason 99; Jim Helke 140 (CB); Erica Hinton 540.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Eddie Mash and Darrell Swarens. Eddie Mash led 134 in honor of the sick and shut-ins. Darrell Swarens led 96 (CB) in memory of the deceased. Aubrey Hemminger offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Randy Webber “Meek Anniversary Song”. The lunch blessing was offered by Aubrey Hemminger.


Leaders: Stephanie Fida and Zach Davis 479; Jim Page 72t (SoH); Katherine Eldridge 85; Scot Oliver 176b; James Eldridge 133 (SoH); Matt Hinton 182 (SoH); Joan Frankel and Bob Meek 322 (SoH); Joan Aldridge 434; Ruth Dolby 350; Eddie Mash, April Waters, and LeShaun Gullion 454; Johann Kim 81t; Robert Kelley 106t (SoH); Chris Wilhelm 480; Chandler Bainter, Mickie Bainter, Michael Snearly, and Elizabeth Snearly 146; Esther Crookshank 159; Erica Hinton 133.


Leaders: Tim Morton 186; Paula Oliver 388; Aura Lee Furgason 549; Peggy Brayfield 144 (SoH); Ted Mercer 163t; John Seaton 147t; Liz Meitzler 145t; Jim Helke 415; Janet Fraembs 532; Eloise Clark 34b; Jim Page 272; Darrell Swarens 112.

Bob Meek, Michele Cull, and Tim Morton led 45t as the closing song. Announcements were made. Prayer was offered by Michael Snearly, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Michele Cull; Secretary—Pat Meek