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Garrison Memorial (Cooper Book)

Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The annual Garrison Memorial singing was called to order by Elder Bobby Cagle leading 49t. Elder Charles Cagle offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—Elder Bobby Cagle; Vice Chairman—Ray Richards; Secretary—Jane Spencer.

Leaders: Bobby Cagle 70t, 501; Winona Cagle 507b, 571; Cindy Couch 515, 546, 547, 500; J.R. Cagle 199, 540; Jane Spencer 48t, 68b; Michael Spencer 339, 146; Bobby Cagle 336t, 559; J.R. Cagle 506; Winona Cagle 563, 45t; Cindy Couch 511t, 358, 507t; J.R. Cagle 511b, 100; Jane Spencer 35, 78; Michael Spencer 63, 135.


Bobby Cagle brought the class back to order leading 440b. Bobby Cagle then conducted the memorial lesson in memory of O.B. Garrison, Ode Garrison, Basil Garrison, Loy Garrison, and all the many other Garrisons that sang and worshipped at this church. He led 225t and 74b.

Leaders: J.R. Cagle 574; Winona Cagle 449, 529; Cindy Couch 229, 451, 572; Charles Cagle 554, 553; Jane Spencer 84; Michael Spencer 478, 518.

A special business session was called on the request of Dorothy Garrison to discontinue the Garrison Memorial singing. This singing was started over 30 years ago, but attendance has become very low. All who were present agreed to discontinue the singing.

Bobby Cagle led 573 as the closing song, and Michael Spencer offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Elder Bobby Cagle; Vice Chairman—Ray Richards; Secretary—Jane Spencer