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Pennsylvania Two Book Singing
(Cooper and Denson)

Old Sadsbury Friends Meeting, Christiana, Pennsylvania

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Pennsylvania Two Book Singing was held at Old Sadsbury Friends Meeting House in Christiana, Pennsylvania. Laura Densmore brought the class to order leading 336t (CB). Lamar Matthew offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairperson—Laura Densmore; Secretary—Doron Henkin.

Leaders: Guy Bankes 505 (CB); Doron Henkin 411 (CB); Oliver Stokes 378t; Lorah Hopkins 84; Roland Hutchinson 386 (CB); Dan Hunter 101b (CB); Lynne Hoyt 452; Joan Trout 199 (CB); Becky Wright 168 (CB); Ted Stokes 347 (CB); Terry Ryan 572 (CB); Lamar Matthew 571 (CB); Cindy Wasson 133 (CB); Gina Balestracci 38t (CB); Ruth Wampler 111b; Carl Baron 208; Laura Denson 98 (CB).


Laura Densmore called the class back together by leading 511t (CB). Leaders: Steve Hoyt 39 (CB); Barbara Hohenstein 210 (CB); Mary Julia Street 171; Guy Bankes 503; Doron Henkin 370; Oliver Stokes 464 (CB); Lorah Hopkins 86; Roland Hutchinson “Hallowmas”; Terry Ryan 192 (CB); Lamar Matthew 393t (CB); Cindy Wasson 47b; Gina Balestracci 110. Lamar Matthew offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Oliver Stokes brought the afternoon session to order leading 106. Steve Hoyt 463 (CB); Ruth Wampler 383; Laura Densmore 488b (CB); Carl Baron 62; Barbara Hohenstein 160b; Nancy Kruel 449 (CB); Mary Julia Street 127 (CB); Guy Bankes 55 (CB); Doron Henkin 260; Susan Munch 315; Oliver Stokes 559 (CB); Lorah Hopkins 36b (CB); Roland Hutchinson 524; Dan Hunter 481; Lynne Hoyt 323b; Becky Wright 274t; Ted Stokes 357 (CB); Terry Ryan 475; Lamar Matthew 496.


The class was brought together by Doron Henkin leading 96 (CB). Leaders: Gina Balestracci 69 (CB); Cindy Wasson 50t (CB); Steve Hoyt 68b; Ruth Wampler 319; Carl Baron 87; Barbara Hohenstein 553; Nancy Kruel 217; Mary Julia Street 361; Guy Bankes 362; Doron Henkin 269; Oliver Stokes 336b (CB); Becky Wright 504; Gina Balestracci 48b; Terry Ryan 38b; Roland Hutchinson 479; Lynne Hoyt 209; Becky Wright 267; Lamar Matthew 317; Ruth Wampler 347; Cindy Wasson 408 (CB); Steve Hoyt 59 (CB); Carl Baron 117; Barbara Hohenstein 32b; Nancy Kruel 442t (CB).

Following announcements, Laura Densmore led 574 (CB) as the closing hymn. Lamar Matthew offered prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Laura Densmore; Secretary—Doron Henkin