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J.L. White and Eclectic Harmony Books Singing

Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The 9th annual J.L. White and Eclectic Harmony singing was held at Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in February. John Plunkett welcomed everyone and called the class to order leading 30t (WB). John Hollingsworth gave the opening prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 435 (WB); Malinda Snow 50t (WB); Laura Akerman 500b (WB); Liz Bryant 544t (WB); Judy Mincey 487b (WB); Andy Anderson 49t (WB); Sandra Wilkinson 501b (WB); Bill Hollingsworth 546t (WB); Martha Ann Stegar 547t (WB); Sarah Ward 517 (WB); Herman Wilkinson 215 (WB); Henry Johnson 81t (WB); Russ Hanson 511 (WB); Charles Woods 512 (WB); Carol Hanson 491b (WB).


Laura Akerman brought the class together leading 214 (WB). Leaders: Sue Bunch 274 (WB); Ed Thacker 426b (WB); Jane Spencer 68 (EC1) (in memory of Loy Garrison); Eddie Mash 48 (EC1); Julie Seuss 65 (EC1); John Hollingsworth 59 (EC1); Nathan Rees 2 (EC1); Robert Kelly 21b (EC1); Lee Rogers 88 (EC1); Morgan Bunch 110 (EC1); Mike Spencer 31t (EC2); Jonathon Smith 15 (EC2); Bob Goodman 45b (EC1); Andy Morse 7 EC2); Andrew Farris 56 (EC2); Tony Hammock 58 (EC1).

In a business session, the class elected or appointed the following officers: Chairman—Liz Bryant; Vice Chairman—Lee Rogers; Secretary—Malinda Snow; Arranging Committee—John Plunkett. Following the business session, John Hollingsworth offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The class resumed singing with Liz Bryant leading 486t (WB). Leaders: John Plunkett 66 (EC2); Malinda Snow 66 (WB); Judy Mincey 12 (EC2); Andy Anderson 47t (WB); Sandra Wilkinson 49 (EC1); Erica Hinton 331t (WB); Bill Hollingsworth 487t (WB); Martha Ann Stegar 99 (EC1); Sarah Ward 519 (WB); Herman Wilkinson 186 (WB); Henry Johnson 176t (WB); Matt Hinton 383 (WB); Russ Hanson 222 (WB); Charles Woods (in memory of his McGraw cousins) 52 (EC1); Carol Hanson 172 (WB); Laura Akerman 4 (EC1); Sue Bunch 49b (EC2); Ed Thacker 480 (WB); Jane Spencer 97 (WB).


Liz Bryant brought the class together leading 53b (EC1). Leaders: Eddie Mash 105 (EC1); John Hollingsworth 317b (WB); Jason Rees 438t (WB); Robert Kelly 468 (WB); Lee Rogers 14 (EC2); Morgan Bunch 490b (WB); Mike Spencer 91b (WB); Jonathan Smith 436b (WB); Andy Morse 79 (EC1); Andrew Farris 58 (EC2).

After announcements, Liz Bryant led 66 (EC1) as the closing song, and John Hollingsworth offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Liz Bryant; Vice Chairman—Lee Rogers; Secretary—Malinda Snow