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Joe Beasley Memorial Singing

Concord Primitive Baptist Church, Winfield, Alabama

December 8-9, 2007

Saturday, December 8

The 13th annual Joe Beasley Memorial Singing was called to order by John Beasley leading 100. Henry Guthery offered the morning prayer.

Henry Schuman explained the order of singing for the day. First, the class would sing from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition; second from The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition; third, from the Christian Harmony; fourth, from the Lloyd Hymnal; and last, from the New Harp of Columbia.

Leaders: John Beasley 32t; Richard Schmeidler 34b, 66; Sandie Scott 154; Juanita Beasley 61; Chug Beasley 33b, 30t; Brenda Peña 569t; Velton Chafin 94; Martha Beverly 171; Jim Helke 48b; Francesca Cassara 142; Joshua Marquez and Marlin Beasley 63; Charlotte Ehrman 157; Tim Cook 473; Becky Briggs 460 (in memory of Elsie Beasley); Beth Branscome 117; Bill Beverly 31t (in memory of Felton Denney); Corene White and Henry Guthery III 97.


Marlin Beasley brought the class back to order leading 400. Leaders: Marilyn Burchett 108b; Gary Smith 225t; Josie Hyde 507, 361; Henry Schuman 318 (for Pauline Childers); David Carlton 102; Lena Keeton 475 (in memory of Flarce Creel and Edith Tate); Henry Guthery III 530; Freddy Briggs 388; Sarah Smith 340; Travis Keeton 290; Cora Sweatt 49b; Henry Guthery 49t; Marlin Beasley 73t.


John Beasley called the class to order leading 67. Leaders: Elene Stovall 186.

This session includes selections from the Cooper Book: Elene Stovall 478; Bill Beverly 38t; Martha Beverly 463; Seth Holloway 571; Beth Branscome 505; Sandie Scott 408; Marlin Beasley 573; Becky Briggs 393t; Chug Beasley 343; John Beasley, Marlin Beasley, Chug Beasley, Becky Briggs, Sarah Smith, and Cora Sweatt 519; Richard Schmeidler 484; Tim Cook 199; Henry Guthery III 434; Jim Helke 229; Henry Guthery 86; Velton Chafin 464; Henry Schuman 54t.


Tim Cook began the Christian Harmony session by leading 188t. He gave a short explanation of the seven shape system. Leaders: Tim Cook 30b; David Carlton 346; Mako Cook 70b; Brenda Peña 313; Henry Guthery 131; Bill Beverly 248; Gary Smith 46t; Mako Cook 189; Tim Cook and Jim Helke

This session includes selections from the Lloyd Hymnal. Leaders: Marlin Beasley and Sarah Smith 333; Marilyn Burchett and David Carlton 540; Billy Williams 16; Marlin Beasley 3.

This session includes selections from the New Harp of Columbia. Leaders: Cora Sweatt and Tim Cook 144, 145.

Tim Cook offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, December 9

The Sunday session was called to order by Richard Schmeidler leading 77b. Harrison Creel offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Marlin Beasley 336; Sandie Scott 176t; Patricia Mauldin Adair 63; Beth O’Dell 222; Cora Sweatt 143; Danny Creel 480; Francesca Cassara 146; Bill Beverly 297; Sarah Smith 406; Clarence McCool 203; Charlotte Ehrman 350; Jim Helke 75; Elizabeth Keeton 99; Hugh Bill McGuire 286; Becky Briggs 179; Bea Carnathan 145t; Earl Ballinger 155; Martha Beverly 131t.


Henry Schuman brought the class to order leading 32t. Leaders: Bridgett Hill 276; Judy Caudle 500; Carolyn Thompson 28t; Warren Steel 396; Chuck Howell 232; Juanita Beasley and Joshua Marquez 270; Joshua Marquez 354b; Joan Aldridge 282; Harrison Creel 512; Lena Keeton 200; Glenn Keeton 504; Brenda Merritt 542; Kermit Adams 67; Brenda Peña 147b.


Marlin Beasley called the class to order leading 317.

Martha Beverly and Becky Briggs conducted the memorial lesson. Becky Briggs read the names of the sick and shut-ins as follows: Ann Ballard, Charlie Ballard, Delores Beasley, Amanda Denson, Milton Oliver, Pauline Oliver, Bud Oliver, Sammi Oliver, Josephine Denney, Pauline Childers, and Emily Boswell. She led 340 in their honor.

Martha Beverly spoke for the deceased and led 163b in their memory. The names of the deceased are as follows: LaRue Allen, Herby Bailey, Flarce Creel, Wilton Donaldson, Marie Guthrie, B.J. Harris, Heath Jett, Fred Killingsworth, Jr., Dick Mauldin, Edith Tate, Christine Godsey Turner, Cecil Wakefield—Alabama; Homer Benefield, Felton Denney, Gladys McGraw—Georgia; Mirjana Lausevic—Minnesota. The memorial lesson was concluded with prayer offered by John Merritt.

Leaders: Henry Schuman 532 (in memory of Edith Tate); Marlin Beasley 144; Gary Smith 66; Richard Schmeidler 543; Chug Beasley 111b.


John Beasley called the class to order leading 348b. Leaders: Marilyn Burchett 36b; Margaret Keeton 349; Ricky Beasley 47b; Josie Hyde 220; John Merritt and Charlotte Ehrman 511 (OSH); John Merritt 271t; Charlotte Ehrman 365; Richard Mauldin 168; Bunk Beasley and Linda Beasley 45t; Gravis Ballinger 300; Brenda Peña 156; Martha Beverly 42; Lisa Geist 272 (for Amanda Denson), 273; Velton Chafin 463; Francesca Cassara 117; Larry Ballinger 186; Ken Tate 389; Bill Beverly 515; Richard Mauldin and Patricia Mauldin Adair 378t (in memory of Dick Mauldin); Richard Mauldin, Patricia Adair, and John Merritt 358; Travis Keeton 566; Jim Helke 176b; Hugh Bill McGuire 503; Harrison Creel 498; John Beasley 81t; Seth Holloway 388; Bunk Beasley, Chug Beasley, John Beasley, Marlin Beasley, Sarah Smith, Becky Briggs, Cora Sweatt, and Danica Thornton 401.

Announcements were made. John Beasley and Richard Schmeidler led 46 as the closing song. John Merritt dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—John Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Schmeidler; Secretary—Sandie Scott