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Special Sacred Harp Singing
(J.L. White 1911 Revision)

Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A special singing was held to debut the new reprint of the J. L White 1911 Revision of the Sacred Harp. The book was last printed in 1946, although bound photostatic copies of the book had been used since 1958. The book was completely re-typeset from cover to cover.

The singing was opened by Tom Hanson leading 59. Elder Jesse Roberts offered the opening prayer. John Plunkett, Project Coordinator for the Reprint Committee, led 30t. Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 316; Rodney Ivey 393b; Henry Johnson 315; Jesse Roberts 228; David Ivey 494; Judy Caudle 407; Bud Oliver 421; John Hollingsworth 317b; Bill Hollingsworth 487t.

John Plunkett acknowledged and thanked Karen Willard, Music Editor, for her cooperation, diligence, patience, and many hours of work spent on the reprint process.

Leaders: Karen Willard 153; Russ Hanson 526; Carol Hanson 513.


John Plunkett called the class together leading 46t. He gave a brief history of the book and Professor J.L. White. He then called Beth Pattillo Parker to the floor, thanked her for her very generous support of the reprint project, and presented her with a new book.

Leaders: John Plunkett 74b; Andy Morse 60; Bentley McGuire 67; Angela Benton 358; Robert Chambless 72b; Malinda Snow 393t; Lee Rogers 303t; Judy Mincey 55t; Jane Spencer 138t; Trevor East 47t; Barbara Newell 132; David McGukin 395t; Jennifer Allred 192; Andy Anderson 47b; Martha Ann Stegar 517; Nate and Norma Green 373; Tony Hammock 42; Al Grindon 37t; Sara Ward 209; Tom Hanson 299. Prayer was offered at the lunch table by Johnny Lee.


John Plunkett reassembled the class leading 467. Leaders: Glen Latimer 73t; Mike Spencer 545t; Johnny Lee 32b; Beth Parker 546t; Leslie Hanson 540; Raymond Hamrick 490b; Loyd Ivey 486t; Dinah East and Kendra Strickland 478t; Karen Clark and Johnny Lee 97; Ed Thacker 107.

David Ivey recognized and thanked John Plunkett for his dedication, expertise, and tireless commitment to the reprint endeavor.

Leaders: Oscar McGuire 171; Mary Brownlee 527; Don Clark 26(in back of book); Mike Thompson 519; Helen Bryson 361; Jeannette DePoy 48t; Judy Chambless 77b; Henry Slack 181.


Leaders: Henry Johnson 179; Karen Willard 91t; Judy Caudle 268; Johnny Lee 271b; Jennifer Allred 142; Loyd Ivey 470; Karen Clark 501b; Don Clark 348; Trevor East 186; Dinah East and Kendra Strickland 548t; Ed Thacker 426b. Sandra Wilkinson, Carol Hanson, Tom Hanson and Russ Hanson, as a quartet, sang 389t and 488b.

Jesse Roberts spoke warmly about the singings held at this church from this book through the years and about the people who sang. He expressed his personal gratitude for the new books and how happy and proud he feels for the singers and this church for having carried on the singings from this book. Sandra Wilkinson expressed her heartfelt gratitude for all who came and supported these singings through the years, and for everyone who came this day, for the spirit, warmth, and love that were felt in this place.

Following announcements, John Plunkett led 70b. The class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary/Treasurer—Sandra Wilkinson