Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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The Original B.F. White Sacred Harp Singing Convention (J. L. White 1911 Revision)

Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

Sunday, September 16, 2007

John Plunkett called the class together leading 30t. John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer.

The following officers for the convention had been previously elected to serve: Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary/Treasurer—Sandra Wilkinson.

Leaders: John Plunkett 435; Sandra Wilkinson 345t, 264b; Russ Hanson 526, 26 (in back of book); Bill Hollingsworth 492, 487t; Phillip Langley 475, 90; Martha Harrell 74b, 491b; Martha Ann Stegar 517, 94; Andy Morse 60, 495; Lela Crowder 490t, 321; Bob Goodman 145b, 36b; Charles Woods 540, 546t.


Tom Hanson led 61 to call the class back together. Leaders: Carol Hanson 177, 395b; Lee Rogers 486t, 446t; Mike Spencer 545t, 113; Vaudie Sherer 328, 143; Tom Ivey 38b, 280; Kelly Morris 447t, 159; Malinda Snow 52b, 155; David Grant 389t, 508t; John Hollingsworth 480t, 317b. Andy Anderson offered prayer to bless the noon meal.


Tom Hanson called the class to order leading 49b. Leaders: Mary Brownlee 496b, 484b; Ed Thacker 265b, 385b; Helen Bryson 112 (for Violet Thomason), 38t; Andy Anderson 37b, 547t; Judy Mincey 487b, 544t; Bud Oliver 421, 395t; Tony Hammock 101b, 282; Raymond Hamrick 490b, 535; Leslie Hanson 274t, 137; Robert Kelly 178, 471; Tom Hanson 512, 299; John Plunkett 350 (by request); Henry Johnson 123t, 88t; Oscar McGuire 276, 522; Jesse Roberts 227, 492 (for his mother, Nora Roberts); Micah Roberts 354.

John Plunkett led 45t for the sick and shut-ins and in memory of the following deceased: Lamar George, Ray Webb, Runelle Crawford, Virginia Knight, Albert Bryson, Jessie Bryson, and Helen Plunkett—Georgia; LaRue Allen, B.J. Harris, Clara Cook Phillips—Alabama; Mirjana Lausevic—Minnesota; Nancy Haley Bangs—Florida.

The list of sick and shut-ins included the following: Marjorie Faith, Robert Cook, Marie Cook, Milton Oliver, Violet Thomason, Nora Roberts, Homer Benefield, Katherine Benefield, and Lessie Reed.

Following announcements, John Plunkett led 323t for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Sandra Wilkinson