Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Pisgah Singing Society
(Bobby Jackson Memorial) (Cooper Book)

Stroud, Chambers County, Alabama

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The day of singing was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Don Clark leading 335. The day was dedicated to the memory of the former 2nd Vice President Bobby Jackson, who passed away July 3, 2006. Glenn Latimer offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: President—Don Clark; 1st Vice President—John Etheridge; 2nd Vice President—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Karen Clark.

Leaders: John Etheridge 290; Rodney Ivey 567; Karen Clark 430; Judy Chambless 488b; Loretta Jones 285t; Stanley Edwards 522; LaRue Allen 142; Robert Walker 96; Donna Bell 183; Robert Chambless 451; Danny Creel 559; Edna Ruth Phillips 453t; Jane Spencer 140; Ed Thacker 450; Lela Crowder 186; Bud Oliver 563; Gavin Blakely 192; Floy Wilder 297; Phillip Langley 217.


The second session was called to order by Don Clark leading 358 (for Eleanor Clark). Leaders: Velton Chafin 373; Tor Bejnar 411; Emily Creel 133; Henry Guthery 463; Eugene Forbes 76b; Gene Pinion 171; Geraldine Rice 212; Stuart Ivey 216; James Wagner 444t; Helen Bryson 172; Nate Green and Norma Green 381t; Amanda Denson, Kathy Manning and Leyland delRe 229; Jack Nelson 30b; Louis Hughes 225t; Tammy Powell 189.


Order was restored by Rodney Ivey leading 511b. Leaders: Billy Kelley 572; Henry Johnson 539; Laura Densmore 485; Richard Ivey 98; Leyland delRe 494; Cheryl Foreman 497; Bridgett Hill and John Etheridge 380t; Phillip Reeves 68b; Gaylon Powell 566; Brenda Merritt 478; Ernestine Pipkin 276; Harrison Creel 355; Erin Mills 393t; Kathy Folsom 218.


The afternoon session was called to order by John Etheridge leading 464. Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 392; John Merritt “Higher Ground”; S.T. Reed 564; Marion Patrick 137; Alice Bejnar 513t; Frank Hataway 401; Nathan Rees 414; Carol Buche 199; Judy Caudle 515; Bea Carnathan 501; Jennifer Latimer and Anna Latimer 348t; Lonnie Rogers 397; Andy Anderson 45t; David Ivey 416t.


The final session of the day was called to order by Rodney Ivey leading 465. Leaders: Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan 301; John Plunkett 320; David Lee 50t; Guy Bankes 55; Bobby Watkins 138t; Carolyn Thompson 85; Glenn Latimer 400; Andy Morse 51; Leah Latimer 274t; Tommie Spurlock 60, 376; Frank Strickland 488t; Stanley Smith, Geraldine Rice, and Don Clark 182 (in memory of the Sheppard family); Charlotte Bishop 569; Eloise Wootten and Linda Thomas 49t; Karen Clark and Carol Buche 38t.

Many sentiments were cited during the day about Bobby Jackson. Carol Jackson Moore thanked everyone for being a major part of Bobby’s life. Announcements were made, and all who wished took the parting hand while singing 62. Bill Hogan offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

President—Don Clark; 1st Vice President—John Etheridge; 2nd Vice President—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Karen Clark