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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp
Singing Convention (Cooper Book)

McMahan, Texas

April 28-29, 2007

Saturday, April 28

The annual spring session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention, first held in 1900, met at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in McMahan, Texas. The session was called to order by Scott Curran leading 511t. Prayer was offered by Bruce Coates.

Leaders: Scott Curran 98; Liz Owen 567; John Baker 384; Gary Rogan 99; Jessica Garris 106; Billy Huckaby 268t; Kevin Lee 60; Alexa Gilmore 434; Sonny Erwin 367; Matt Wells 49b; Bruce Coates 484; Crystal Meadows 210; Syble Adams 505; John Kerr 393t; Katie Mahoney 319; Martha Beverly 41; Beverly Coates 168; Kris Wiggins 192; Karen Clark 524; Donn Howard 573; Johnny Lee 453b; Don Ross 273; Billy Bailey 332; Jeff Adcock 571; Mike Hinton 146; Steve Helwig 416b.


Scott Curran brought the class back together leading 416t. Leaders: Josh Rogan 383; Evelyn Lamb 189; Al Rogers 575; Jo Pendleton and Jonathan Pendleton 348t; Marilyn Murata 200 (dedicated to the first grade staff of Valerio Street School of North Hills, California); Reed Coates 182; Bill Beverly 478; Cheryl Foreman 203; Lindsey Wiggins 507b; Catherine Rogan 183; Karl Dise 173; Peter Nichols 427; Sharon Kermiet 516; Priscilla Wiggins 39; Charles Whitman 218; Morris Nelms 365; Mike Moseley 220; Paul Lindholm 148; Rich Lee 395b; Trevor Howard 300; Tammy Powell 222; Dick Steil 485; David McPherson 128; Sonny Huckaby 450.

A business meeting was held, and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Liz Owen; Vice Chairman—Mike Hinton; Secretaries—John Baker and Cassandra Baker. The lunch prayer was offered by Johnny Lee.


Liz Owen called the afternoon session together leading 82. Leaders: Vivian Rogan 508; Ines Luttgen 96; Ryan Ross 112; Kevin Powell 230; Sarah Huckaby 522; Greg Bowles 379; Chris Adams 270; Michelle Rogan 47b; Anne Moseley 406; Corbin Rodgers 159; Linda Booker 138t; Amanda Owen 299; Terry Ghiselli 89; Micah Rodgers 571; Curtis Owen 198; Doris Hanks 422b; David Moseley 402; Ashton Rodgers 72; Diane Ross 142; Gaylon Powell 552; Jeb Owen 137.


Liz Owen brought the class back to order leading 288. Leaders: George Jones 35; Gerald Hand 75; Don Clark 171; Leon Ballinger 217; Terre Schill 414; Tom Owen 559; Matt Wells 272; Jessica Garris 133; Syble Adams 543; Martha Beverly 102; Johnny Lee and Karen Clark 465; Marilyn Murata 304; Bill Beverly 120; Jeff Adcock 500; Steve Helwig 29t; Jeb Owen 6 (GOS).

Liz Owen led 58 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Donn Howard.

Sunday, April 29

Liz Owen called the class together leading 376 and 32t. Prayer was offered by Jeff Adcock.

Leaders: Mike Hinton 288; John Baker and Cassandra Baker 323b; Charles Whitmer 410; Crystal Meadows 38t; Bill Beverly 297; Robert Vaughn 203; Rich Lee 81; Cheryl Foreman 470; Sonny Erwin 199; Jeff Adcock 449; Alexa Gilmore 191; Don Ross 284; Billy Huckaby 68t; Donn Howard 518; Evelyn Lamb 162; Lindsey Wiggins 276; Johnny Lee and Delorese Lee 95b; Dick Steil 268t; Marilyn Murata 484; Bruce Coates 285t (for Leland Owen); Chris Adams 61; Paul Lindholm 105b.


The class was brought together by Liz Owen leading 212. Leaders: Josh Rogan and Vivian Rogan 140; Peter Nichols 239; Linda Booker 573; Riley Owen 401; Steve Helwig 163t; Terre Schill 497; Don Clark, Karen Clark, and Joe Bunch 45t; Trevor Howard 511t; Ryan Ross 404; Al Rogers 463; Katie Mahoney 184b; Diane Ross and Ainsley Ross 348t; Lynette Howard 39.

Mike Hinton and Sonny Erwin conducted the memorial lesson. The names of the sick and shut-ins included Bufrey Dean, Amanda Denson, Bruce Rye, Shizue Sugimoto, Fumie Murada, Duncan McCloud, Ann Shipstead, Ruth Ann O’boznick, Edith Tate, Dennis Anderson, Pauline Childers, Bob Meek, Thomas Shuford, Ophelia Matthews, Myra Palmer, Leland Owen, and Ruth Redmond. Sonny Erwin and Cheryl Foreman led 283.

Cheryl Foreman read the following list of deceased from our Sacred Harp family: Ethel Taft; John Hyde, Flarce Creel, Eldora Moody, Heath Jett—Alabama; Bobby Jackson—Georgia; Myrtle Browning and Myrle Jordan—Arkansas; Marcia Tucker—California; Alan Anderson—Iowa; Georgia Bass, Imogene Keller, Rubie Foreman, Verna Powell, and Mary Ballinger—Texas. Mike Hinton and Cheryl Foreman led 544. Prayer was offered by Robert Vaughn.

Leaders: Matt Wells 183; Burl Russell 418; Sonny Huckaby 400; Karen Clark 430. Prayer for the noon meal was offered by Don Ross.


Liz Owen called the afternoon session to order leading 119. Leaders: Catherine Rogan 172; Bill Bailey 33; Karl Dise 290; Tammy Powell 189; Greg Bowles 277; Sarah Huckaby 30b; Gary Rogan 132; Claudene Townson and Johnny Lee 96; Beverly Coates 385t; Michele Rogan 215; Reed Coates 110; Doris Hanks 450; Martha Beverly 216; Tom Owen and Don Clark 398t; Amy Denison 129; Syble Adams and Jeb Owen 442t; Gaylon Powell 486; Amanda Owen 99; Scott Curran 192; Sharon Kermiet 551; David McPherson 451; Curtis Owen 558; Leon Ballinger and Billy Huckaby 424.

Announcements were made. Leaders: Jeb Owen 155; Jeff Adcock 328; Marilyn Murata 229; Bill Beverly 563; Robert Vaughn 137.

The officers closed the singing leading 62. Prayer was offered by Elder Sonny Huckaby.

Chairperson—Liz Owen; Vice Chairman—Mike Hinton; Secretaries—John Baker and Cassandra Baker