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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers Memorial Singing

Ephesus School, Roopville, Georgia

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The annual memorial singing for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers was held at Ephesus School on Sunday, March 4, 2007. The singing commenced at 9:30 A.M. with Chairman Denney Rogers leading 101t. Bobby Watkins offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Stanley Edwards 29t; Karen Rollins 34b.

The business session was held. The following officers were elected and the committees were appointed: Chairman—Denney Rogers; Vice Chairman—Stanley Edwards; Secretary—Karen Rollins; Arranging Committee—Mary Florence Smith and Coy Ivey.

Mayor Denney Rogers gave his traditional speech of welcome. Leaders: Lonnie Rogers 318; Helen Bryson 411; Judy Chambless 480; Coy Ivey 137; Sandra Wilkinson 278b; Robert Chambless 81t; Daphene Causey 422; S.T. Reed 425; Glenda Collins 124; Charlene Wallace 405; LaRue Allen 392; Bobby Watkins 393; Shelbie Sheppard 481; Loyd Ivey 340; Pearl Guier 61; Richard Ivey 67; Nate Green and Norma Green 322; Jeannette DePoy 394; Ed Thacker 91; Jan House 148; Myron House 513; Dewayne Wootten 388; Brittany Lea 472.


Stanley Edwards brought the class together leading 208. Leaders: Bud Oliver 421; Jeff Sheppard 75; Tammy Heinsohn 479; Joel Jenkins 88t; Betty Wright 285t; Shane Wootten 220; Donna Wootten 76b; Oscar McGuire 485; Jimmie Denney and Sherry Lovvorn 111t; Richard Mauldin 378t (for his Dad); Terry Wootten 375; Joyce Walton 558; Henry Johnson 108b; Lela Crowder 277; John Plunkett 71; Louis Hughes 56b; Betty Shepherd 216; David Ivey 70t; Tokay Shumake 111b; Roger Harrod, Dan Harrod, Randa Harris, Laura Robinson, Kayla McWhorter, and Susan Rice (grandchildren of Lonnie Rogers) 143 (in memory of their grandmother); Michael Thompson 330t; Reba Windom 328; Sarah Jenkins 268; Tony Hammock 196; Max Berueffy 391 (for Leon Ballinger, and in memory of Mary Ballinger); Jerry Creason 225t; Karen Ivey 560; Rodney Ivey 540. Prayer was offered by Louis Hughes for the noon meal.


Denney Rogers and Lonnie Rogers opened the afternoon session leading 345t. Leaders: Elene Stovall 556; Cheyenne Ivey and Jessica Ivey 128; Matt Hinton and Woody Giles 47b; Russ Hanson 270; Sherry Lovvorn and David Ivey 229 (CB).

Henry Johnson and Sherry Lovvorn conducted the memorial lesson. The children of Lonnie Rogers (Karen Rollins, Karleen Williams, Paige Harrod, Sherry Lovvorn, and Denney Rogers) led 373 in memory of the following deceased: Robert Pifer, Max Denney, Rosa Lee Scott, Elder Carlton Robinson, Mary Ballinger, Bobby Jackson, John Hyde, Teddy Creel, Mary Hackney, Bill Green, Opal Tanner, Heath Jett, Nevin Hyatt, the tornado victims in Enterprise, Alabama, and Americus, Georgia, and the Mennonite students and bus drivers from Bluffton College killed in the bus crash this week.

Henry Johnson spoke of the ties that bind singers, and he read the names of the following sick and shut-ins: Dick Mauldin, Milton Oliver, Amanda Denson, John Hollingsworth, Mary Brownlee, Pauline Langley, Janice Eason, Phyllis Wiggins, Edith Tate, Felton Denney, Josephine Denney, Pauline Creel Childers, Flarce Creel, and Carolyn Puckett. Rodney Ivey led 129 in their honor. Prayer was offered by Cecil Roberts to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Charlotte Bishop 496; Judy Caudle 564; Melinda Snow 28t; Linda Thomas 131t; Erica Hinton 133; Judy Mincey 571; Sharon DuPriest 186; Cecil Roberts 284; Lou Cotney 358; Evelyn Harris 155; B.J. Harris 303; Laura Frey and Lisa Webb 524; Laura Frey and Mitchell Pearman 178.

A collection of $254.00 was received. Lonnie Rogers noted that $224.00 will be given to SHMHA to be used for the Bobby Jackson Scholarship Fund for Camp Fasola.

Announcements were made. The officers and the Rogers family led 62 as the closing song. Terry Wootten offered prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Denney Rogers; Vice Chairman—Stanley Edwards; Secretary—Karen Rollins