Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cooper Book Singing

Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church, Molino, Florida

Saturday, September 9, 2006

The annual Sacred Harp Singing at Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church in Molino, Florida, was held on the second Saturday in September. The singing began with Chairman Joe Nall leading 36b and 32t. Elder Charles Ellis welcomed the singers then offered prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Joe Nall; Vice Chairman—Hubert Nall; Secretary—Christine Gandy.

Leaders: Joe Nall 461; Frank Hattaway 73t, 83t; B.F. Patrick 450, 470; Paul King 77t, 384; Janet King 558, 282; Hubert Nall 72, 507b; Buna Mae Purvis 411, 410.


Joe Nall led 217 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Eva Padgett 76b, 345t; Ethelene Patrick 168; Ernest Cockcroft 31b, 553; John Etheridge 380, 381t; Genny Whitworth 434, 330t; Thurman Nall 38t; Lera Ellison 204, 435; Bill Kelley 144, 491; Wilburn Ellison 447t, 133. Joe Nall led 369, and the blessing was offered by Elder Charles Ellis.


John Kelley led 405 and 466 to bring the afternoon session to order. Leaders: Tyler Kelley 119, 348t; Jeff Kelley 82, 567; Adrian Nall 388, 563; Mike Jones 368b, 385t; Loretta Jones 54t, 47t;


The class resumed singing with Marion Patrick leading 358. Leaders: Marilyn Solomon 572; Lynn Miller 59; Voncille Graves 38b; Judy Nall Cutts 393t; Wayne Jones 398t; Paulette Chavers 49b; Ed Bass 309; Barbara Jones 336t; Russ Scholtz 49t, 575; Marian Kilpatrick 516; Benny Kilpatrick (with two sisters and one brother) 165, 515.

The memorial lesson recognized the contributions of those deceased who greatly influenced our lives and Sacred Harp singings over the years. In their memory Hubert Nall led 127, Joe Nall 183, and Adrian Nall 500. Elder James Powell offered a beautiful prayer of remembrance and thanksgiving.

After announcements were made, Joe Nall led 497 and 95b as the closing songs. Elder James Powell dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Joe Nall; Vice Chairman—Hubert Nall; Secretary—Christine Gandy.