Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cooper Book Singing

Ramah Primitive Baptist Church, Lenox, Alabama

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The annual Sacred Harp Cooper Book Singing at Ramah Primitive Baptist Church was held on the third Sunday in August. The singing was called to order by Chairman Hubert Nall leading 68t. Joe Nall led 47t. Bill Aplin offered the morning prayer.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Hubert Nall; Vice Chairman—Bill Hogan; Secretary—Christine Gandy.

Leaders: Hubert Nall 72. Leaders: Bill Hogan 518, 45b; Ed Bass 309, 507b; Wilburn Ellison 133, 285b; James Gardner 32t, 343; Mike Jones 76b, 332.


The singing resumed with Bill Hogan leading 36b. Leaders: Frank Hattaway 73t, 290; Loretta Jones 144, 63; Bill Kelley 108t, 572; Learvene Bass 74b, 143; Ben F. Patrick 450, 470.


Joe Nall led 543 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Wayne Jones 313, 99; Voncille Graves 61, 146; Marion Patrick 424, 516; Janet King 558, 282; Bill Aplin 466, 567; the class 369.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Joe Nall leading 183. Leaders: Adrian Nall 358, 45t; Nancy Hogan 463, 388; Alfred Jones 447b, 264b; Genny Whitworth 135; Nate Green 380, 381t; Christine Gandy 345t, 348t; Paul King 442t, 540; Lera Ellison 453b, 77t; John Etheridge 109t, 356; Ernest Cockcroft 401, 563.


The class resumed singing with Paul King leading 96. Leaders: Buna Mae Purvis 411, 410; Cathy Maddox 137, 139; Nancy Doolittle 335, 303; the Ben F. Patrick family 168; Victoria Aplin 270.

The poem below, entitled “My Little Down Syndrome Sister”, pays tribute to Wanda Faye Shumock, a beloved and faithful singer whom we enjoyed for many years.

My Little Down Syndrome Sister

I have a little sister, Down Syndrome from her birth; Her life of loving Jesus From a tender age in church.

We had a precious pastor. She asked to be baptized; Although it was November, She would not be denied. The pool of water chilly, Our pastor, Oh! So wise, Just spoke the name of Jesus; Her smile was not disguised.

Her prayers and praises daily Cheer many souls of saints; Praise and worship every morning Ring forth always constantly.

Her life of inspiration Means more than life to me, Thank God for a little sister To worship God with me. Her name is Wanda Faye Shumock.

By Buna Mae Purvis

Announcements were made. Hubert Nall led 40 as the closing song. Paul King dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Hubert Nall; Vice Chairman—Bill Hogan; Secretary—Christine Gandy.