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Ohio Valley Shape Note Singing

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 29-30, 2006

Saturday, April 29

The eleventh session of the Ohio Valley Shape Note Singing was held at Harrods Creek Baptist Church on the fifth weekend of April. Bob Meek led 34t as the opening song. Michele Cull welcomed everyone, followed by Jim Herr offering the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairlady—Michele Cull; Secretary—Brenda Waters.

Leaders: Loraine Bayer 225t; Jackson Pietrzak 496; Eddie Mash 547; Susan Zurcher 336t (CB); John Bayer 392 (CB); Don Waggener 83 (SoH); Greg Howard 572 (CB); Sandie Scott 28 (SoH); Clara Herr 270; Roger Crabtree 38b; Carol Medlicott 40; Jubal Bayer 159; Mike Grimes 571 (CB); David Rust 480; Sue Duff 344 (CB).


The class resumed singing with Esther Crockshank leading 68b. Leaders: Darrell Swarens 335; Jim Herr 154b (SoH); Hans Bayer 318; William Shetter 488t (CB); Becky Browne 528; Steve Duff 454; Karen Isbell “Meek”; Bob Meek 268; Ruthanne Fulton 128; Zach Young 38 (SoH); Michele Cull recognized the host church and gave the history of Harrods Creek Baptist Church, then with guest led 45t; James Eldridge 511t (CB); Tyler Scaff 393t (CB); Melissa Mease 47b; Marilyn Burchett 551; Regina Bayer 475; Faith Shine 322 (SoH); Michele Cull and KET staff 74 (CB); Joan Redd 86; Sheryl Pockrose 180 (CB). Steve Duff offered prayer for the noon meal.


Michele Cull led 63 to bring the afternoon session to order. Leaders:

Rebecca Eldridge 37t; Doug Trent 276; Mary Brinkman 457; Nikos Pappas 62 (SoH); Loraine Bayer 176t; Jackson Pietrzak 319; Eddie Mash 78 (CB); Susan Zurcher 38t (CB); John Bayer 138t (CB); Don Waggener 39t (SoH); Greg Howard 488b (CB); Sandi Scott 500 (CB); Clara Herr 505 (CB); Roger Crabtree 31t; Carol Medlicott, her sister, and a friend 282; Jubal Bayer 117; Mike Grimes 163b; David Rust 539b (SoH).


The class was brought to order by Michele Cull leading 384. Leaders: Sue Duff 183; Darrell Swarens 186; Jim Herr 35; Hans Bayer 168; William Shetter 56 (CB); Becky Browne 203; Steve Duff 331; Karen Isbell 142; Bob Meek 123 (SoH); James Eldridge 79 (CB); Tyler Scaff 498 (CB); Melissa Mease 155; Marilyn Burchett 229 (CB); Regina Bayer 140 (CB); Virginia Eldridge 73b; Joan Redd 146; Bob Meek 25b (SoH) (by request); Sheryl Pockrose 174 (CB); Rebecca Eldridge 277; Nikos Pappas 313b (by request), 164(SoH).

Michele Cull led 267 as the closing song, and John Bayer dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, April 29

Michele Cull brought the class to order by leading 39b then welcomed everyone. Greg Creech offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Michele Cull 159; Greg Howard 336 (CB); Marilyn Burchett 108b; Regina Bayer 348t; Bob Meek and Joan Frankel 50 (SoH); David Rust 52b; Sue Duff 141; Darrell Swarens 148; Jim Herr and Olivia Taylor 204; Hans Bayer 455; Bill Shetter 559 (CB); Becky Browne 411; Sandie Scott 408(CB); Jackson Pietrzak 385t; Clara

Herr 515; Roger Crabtree 49b; Carol Medlicott 29t; Jubal Bayer 384; Mike Grimes 236; Adrian Eldridge 324 (SoH); Kalee Duncan 87; Greg Creech 328 (CB); Loraine Bayer 421; Eddie Mash 178; congregation 48b,155, 49t; Bob Meek, Michele Cull, and Annaliza Cull 571(CB); James Eldridge 60 (SoH); Rebecca Eldridge and Kalee Duncan 410t; Susan Zurcher 505 (CB); Joan Redd 373; Steve Duff 279t (SoH); Karen Isbell 215; Bob Meek 270; Sheryl Pockrose 133 (CB); Eloise Clark 411(CB).

The memorial lesson was conducted with Mike Grimes and Adrian Eldridge leading 410 (CB) for the sick and shut-ins. Steve Duff and Greg Creech led 256 (SoH) for the deceased. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Rich Overturf 209; Karen Arnett 344; Nikos Pappas 71; Doug Trent 480; Melissa Mease 63; John Bayer 300.


Michele Cull led 39t to bring the class to order for the afternoon session. Leaders: Olivia Taylor and Jim Herr 542; Greg Howard 38t (CB); Joyce Brown 495; Marilyn Burchett 16 (SoH); Regina Bayer and friends 181; Bob Meek 89 (SoH) (by request); David Rust 546; Sue Duff 569b; Darrell Swarens 350; John Herr and Olivia Taylor 310 (SoH).


Michele Cull led 32t to bring the class to order. Leaders: Bill Shetter 267b (SoH); Becky Browne 36b; Sandie Scott 472; Jackson Pietrzak 392 (CB); Clara Herr 84; Kalee Duncan, Elizabeth Waters, Rebecca Eldridge, and Catherine Eldridge 267; Roger Crabtree 39 (CB); Carol Medlicott 144; Greg Creech 74b; Eddie Mash 20 (SoH); Susan Zurcher 393t (CB); Joan Redd 133; Karen Isbell 189; Sheryl Pockrose 54t (CB); Eloise Clark 448t; Rich Overturf 312b; Karen Arnett 269.

Michele Cull, along with newcomers to shape note singing, led 31t as the closing song. John Bayer dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairlady—Michele Cull; Secretary—Brenda Waters.