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Smith Memorial Annual Sacred Harp Singing (Cooper Book/The Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision)

New Harmony Community Center, New Harmon, Texas

Saturday, March, 11, 2006

The first session of the Smith Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Chairman Robert Vaughn leading 138b. Leon Ballinger offered the opening prayer.

Robert Vaughn stated this singing would be dedicated to our late Vice Chairlady, Sharon Smith Stephenson, who was killed in an auto accident. Tina M. Smith Walston, her sister, was appointed to serve in her place. Other appointments to committees were as follows: Arranging Committee/Assistant Secretaries—Sherry Vaughn and Tammy Powell; Secretary—Marcelene Hardy; Chaplain—Dallas Smith.

Note: No distinction was made as to whether the songs were from the Cooper Book or The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

Leaders: Tina Walston 573; Marcelene Hardy 40; Melba Sue Utz 335; Leon Ballinger 313t, 460; Beverly Coates 291, 101t; Gaylon Powell 142, 318; Sonny Erwin 336t, 505; John Morris 421, 491; Lawson Smith 108b, 384; Tammy Powell 418, 572.


Robert Vaughn brought the class to order leading 81. Leaders: Kris Wiggins 522, 99; Crystal Meadows 180, 181; Olivia Powell 348t, 450; Lindsey Wiggins 448b, 61; Kevin Powell 163t, 163b; Kevin Lee 30b, 53; Monica Hill 449, 500; Monnie Ross 49t, I08t; Judy Hughes 515, 401; Azalee Barnett 447t, 546; A.A. Smith, Jr. 67, 298.

The memorial lesson was conducted. Tina Walston led 571 for the following deceased: Sharon Smith Stephenson, Kelly Beard, Nannie Pearle Woods, and Pauline Willis. Gaylon Powell led 499 in memory of Sharon Stephenson. Her nephews, Lee Walston, Robert Walston, and Billy Walston, and her niece, Raven Hill, led 451 in her memory.

Beverly Coates led 497 for the following sick and shut-ins: Myra Palmer, Verna Powell, Ophelia Matthews, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Ovilla Summers, Leland Owen, Dalton Clanton, Mary Clanton, Thomas Smith, and Blosa Smith. The memorial was concluded.

Chaplain Dallas Smith introduced his pastor, Rev. Robbie Caldwell, of New Harmony Baptist Church. Both welcomed everyone to New Harmony Baptist Church and the community. Rev. Caldwell returned thanks for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Robert Vaughn leading 164. Leaders: David Rousseau 127, 282; Kay Weidner 341, 143; Margaret RaunsvaIl 437, 522; Myrl Jones 189, 300; Marcelene Hardy 112, 172; Tina Walston 274t, 285t; Melba Sue Utz 475, 404; Leon Ballinger 507b, 490; Gaylon Powell 235, 539; Sunny Ervin 480, 454.

Robert Vaughn called for a business session to elect officers for 2007. Leon Ballinger, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, moved that the Vice Chairlady, Tina Walston, continue to fill her sister’s office and move to chairman for 2007. He also moved that the following officers be elected: Vice Chairlady—Beverly Coates; Secretary—Marcelene Hardy; Treasurer—Melba Sue Utz; Chaplain—Dallas Smith. The motion was carried. The business meeting was concluded.

Leaders: Beverly Coates 503; Kevin Powell 535; Kris Wiggins 574; Lindsey Wiggins 567; Crystal Meadows 218; Olivia Powell 290; Kevin Lee 183; Monnie Ross 488; Lawson Smith 270; David Rousseau 283; A.A. Smith, Jr. 383; Tammy Powell 138; Judy Hughes 559; Myrl Jones 491; Marcelene Hardy 358.

Robert Vaughn led 496 as the closing song, and Dallas Smith dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Robert Vaughn; Vice Chairlady—Tina Walston; Secretary—Marcelene Hardy.