Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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University of Georgia

State Botanical Gardens, Athens, Georgia

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The thirty-third session of the University of Georgia singing was held at the Visitor’s Center, State Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia, on the fourth Sunday in February.

Singing in the morning session was from the Social Harp by John McCurry, first published in 1855, and reprinted by the University of Georgia Press in 1973.

John Garst welcomed everyone and called the class to order by leading 204. John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer.

The business session was held with the class voting to retain the same officers: Chairman—John Garst; Vice Chairman—John Hollingsworth; Secretary—Charlene Wallace; Arranging Committee—Lee Rogers.

Leaders: John Garst 201; John Hollingsworth 17, 250; Charlene Wallace 76t, 159; Judy Mincey 135, 53; Lee Rogers 73, 71; John Plunkett 87, 86 (for Don Bowen); Andy Anderson 190b, 190t; Jane Spencer 194, 186; Oscar McGuire 88, 89; Laura Akerman 202, 208; Earlis McGraw 60, 182.


John Garst called the class together leading 203. Leaders: Charles Woods 99; Dan Huger 175, 169; Ellie Solar 191, 118t; Morgan Bunch 98, 57; Wanda Gregg 24t, 42; David Grant 145, 152; Karen Redwine 93, 120b; Martha Ann Stegar 55t, 141.

The memorial less was held with Judy Mincey leading 101t in memory of Donnie McGraw, and 207 for all the sick and shut-ins: Bobby Jackson and Amanda Denson Brady. John Hollingsworth closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Singing in the afternoon session was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

John Hollingsworth called the class to order leading 138t. Leaders: John Plunkett 516; Faye Hollis 99, 171; Sharon Hamrick 460, 276; Kevin Kelly 268, 439; Sue Bunch 163t, 145b; Alex Gomez 324, 198; Jackie Elsner 48t, 47b; Carlene Griffin 155, 290; Ken George 569b; Dan Huger 269; Jane Spencer and Dot Long 421; Jane Spencer and Mike Spencer 86; Judy Mincey 540; Lee Rogers 350; Raymond Hamrick 81t (in memory of Gertrude Bateman); Morgan Bunch 375; Ellie Solar 299; Wanda Gregg 40; Andy Anderson 479; Oscar McGuire 129; David Grant 546; Earlis McGraw 225t (for Gladys McGraw and Hugh McGraw); Martha Ann Stegar 47t; Sue Bunch 72b; Alex Gomez 384.

After announcements were made, John Garst led 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by John Hollingsworth.

Chairman—John Garst; Vice Chairman—John Hollingsworth; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.