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Covington County New Year’s Singing
(Cooper Book)

First Baptist Church, Collins, Mississippi

Saturday, January 7, 2006

The ninth annual Covington County New Year’s Singing was held at the First Baptist Church in Collins, Mississippi, on the first Saturday in January. Chairman Andrew Albers opened the singing with 63 and 35. Prayer was offered by Winnie McMahon.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Andrew Albers; Vice Chairman—John Lee Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray.

Leaders: Andrew Albers 38t; John Lee Van Horn 270, 268t; Jean Gray 573, 572; Bobby Caldwell 38b, 547; Nancy Van Den Akker 299, 391; Uel Freeman 388, 571, 168; Elizabeth Muhleisen 59, 229; Junie McNeil 503, 559.


The class was called to order by Andrew Albers leading 223 and 225b. John Merritt led 367and 88t, then John Merritt and Nelda Mitchell led 358.

A memorial lesson was held remembering singers Martha Sellers of Covington County and Bill McGuire of Calhoun County. Mrs. Sellers was eulogized by Andrew Albers using the scripture “A woman that feareth the Lord shall be greatly praised.” Then he led 392 in their memory. The memorial lesson was concluded.

Leaders: Arlon Gardner 134, 497, 83t; Mike McNeil 282, 522; Natalie Davis 348t, 345t. Andrew Albers led the traditional pre-dinner song on page 369. Winnie McMahon offered prayer for the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Vice Chairman John Lee Van Horn leading 563. Leaders: Mark Davis 336b, 336t, 360; Ester Mann 507b, 171, 505; Nelda Mitchell 143; Andrew Albers 378t (for Nelda Mitchell), 64 (for Uel Freeman), 318; Nancy Van Den Akker 100; Uel Freeman 62, 65; Elizabeth Muhleisen 47b; John Merritt 147; Bobby Caldwell 82; Junie McNeil 395b; Mike McNeil 28b, 344; Ester Mann 489, 484b; Mark Davis 154b, 411; Mark Davis 196, 408 (for Jean Gray); John Lee Van Horn 225t, 288; Andrew Albers 323b (for Nelda Mitchell), 206, 207b; John Lee Van Horn 127.

Andrew Albers led 393t as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Bobby Caldwell.

Chairman—Andrew Albers; Vice Chairman—John Lee Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray.