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Joe Beasley Memorial Singing

Concord Primitive Baptist Church, Winfield, Alabama

December 10-11, 2005

Saturday, December 10

The eleventh annual Joe Beasley Memorial Singing was called to order by Marlin Beasley leading 32t. Elder J.L. Hopper led the morning prayer. Marlin Beasley explained the order of singing for the day. First, the class would sing from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition; second from The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition; third, from the Christian Harmony; fourth from the Lloyd Hymnal and last, from the New Harp of Columbia.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—John Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Schmeidler; Secretary—Sandie Scott.

Leaders: Richard Schmeidler 66; John Beasley 68b; Sandie Scott 317; J.L. Hopper 320; Sarah Beasley Smith 213b; Hubert Nall 49b; Cathryn Bearov 273; Velton Chafin 225t; Brenda Peña 77b; Tim Cook 355; Julietta Haynes 222; Brenda Merritt 336; Jeremy Shipp 48t; Glenda Hopper 306; Gary Smith 565.


John Beasley brought the class back with 335. Leaders: Jayne Fulmer 186; Becky Beasley Briggs 318; Travis Keeton 340; Cora Beasley Sweatt 145b; John Hyde 297; Ruth Wyers 176b; Lee Bradley 46; Josie Hyde 223; Nathan Blackwell 43; Fran Ross 532; John Merritt 176t. From the Cooper Edition: Joan Aldridge 559; Jim Helke 571; Martha Beverly 38t; Hubert Nall 515; Cathryn Bearov 393t; Marlin Beasley, Sarah Smith, and Richard Schmeidler presented a plaque to Lee Bradley for services to the Beasley Foundation.


Marlin Beasley brought the afternoon session together with 505. Leaders: John Merritt 422 (for Marilyn Burchett); John Merritt 138t; Lee Bradley 574; Becky Briggs 229; Chris Chandler 115; Alex Chandler 577; Jeremy Shipp 58; John Merritt 400; Brenda Merritt 478; Sandie Scott, John Merritt, Chris Chandler, and Alex Chandler 392; Henry Schuman 522, 216. From the Christian Harmony: Mako Cook 70b; Tim Cook and Mako Cook 372; J.L. Hopper 374; Ruth Wyers 264 Nathan Blackwell 76b; James M. Wagner 109; Bill Beverly and John Merritt 81; John Merritt, Marlin Beasley, and Ruth Wyers 85b. From the Lloyd Hymnal: Jim Helke 305; Ruth Wyers 300, 490 Becky Briggs 330; Jeremy Shipp 514. >From the New Harp of Columbia: Jeremy Shipp and Cora Sweatt 144, 38; Sandie Scott, Jeremy Shipp, and Cora Sweatt 108; Richard Mauldin 29t (SH).

Announcements were made. John Beasley and Richard Schmeidler led 146 as the closing song. John Merritt dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, December 11

The Sunday session was called to order by Marlin Beasley with 59. Danny Creel led the morning prayer. Leaders: Richard Schmeidler 34b; Sandie Scott 223; John Beasley 47b; Becky Briggs 405; James M. Wagner 490; Juanita Beasley 73t; David Carlton 102; Martha Beverly 383; Danny Creel 532; Cathryn Bearov 472; Jim Helke 512; Sarah Smith 568; Teddy Creel 477; Lisa Geist 546; Richard Mauldin 551; Margaret Keeton 217; Jayne Fulmer 454.


Ricky Beasley brought the class to order with 39b. Leaders: Fran Ross 455; Warren Steel 214; James S. Wagner 53; Julietta Haynes 211; Earl Ballinger 208; Josie Hyde 507; Samantha Spiller 30t; Harrison Creel 498; Elizabeth Keeton 497; Wilton Donaldson 229; Brenda Peña 325; Jon Tyler Baccus 31b; Amanda Denson and Margaret Keeton 276; John Hyde 544; Virginia Douglas 155; Buell Cobb 303; Betty Baccus 396; Kermit Adams 157; Gary Smith 225t; Lee Bradley 49t. Richard Mauldin and Virginia Douglas gave a presentation on the Beasley Foundation.

Martha Beverly and Cathryn Bearov conducted the memorial lesson. Martha spoke about those that are sick and shut-in then led 218. The sick and shut-in included: Elsie Beasley, Delores Beasley, Lucian Howell, and Edith Tate—Alabama; Carroll Lunsford—California; Miriam Sincere—Florida; Shirley Figura and Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; William Reynolds—Tennessee; Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin. Cathryn Bearov talked about those who have gone before, and led 114 in their memory. Those remembered included: Ivalene Donaldson, Sherry Guthery, John Hocutt, and Hershell King—Alabama; Phillip Dodson—Georgia; Al Frank and Vi Stark—Illinois; Dean Slaton—Indiana; Mark Seiler—New York; Larry Olszewski and Austin Burchett—Tennessee; Barbara Foster—United Kingdom. The memorial was concluded.


David Beasley called the class to order leading 47t. Leaders: John Merritt 499; John Merritt and Steve Adams “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus”; Charlotte Ehrman 569b; Larry Ballinger 50b; Brenda Merritt 430; Clarence McCool 349, 328; Ann Ballard 460; Bunk Beasley and Brooke Beasley 72b; Emily Creel 384; Glenn Keeton 365; Cora Sweatt and Brooke Beasley 143; Gravis Ballinger 300; Bea Carnathan 204; Charlie Ballard 45t; Marilyn Burchett 108b; Bridgett Hill 107; Cecil Wakefield 79; Brenda Peña 288; Warren Steel 245 (by request, in memory of Joe Beasley); Freddie Briggs 388; Bill Beverly 106; Joan Aldridge 306; Henry Guthery 549; Fran Ross and John Bredesen 254; Travis Keeton 290; Henry Schuman 426; Seth Holloway 145b; Cora Sweatt, Marlin Beasley, Sarah Smith, Ann Ballard, Bunk Beasley, Becky Briggs, and John Beasley 274t.

Announcements were made. Chairman John Beasley and Vice Chairman Richard Schmeidler led 46 as the closing song. Earl Ballinger dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—John Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Schmeidler; Secretary—Sandie Scott.