Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Sixth Shape Note Singing

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 13, 1996

The sixth annual Shape Note Singing was held at Harrods Creek Baptist Church at Brownsboro, Kentucky. The session was called to order by Deb Loftis who led “Holy Manna” and “Ortonville” from the Southern Harmony book. Leaders: Bob Meek “David’s Lamentation; Laura Chipe “New Britain” and “Indian Convert”. Prayer was offered by Ron Williams, pastor of Harrods Creek Baptist Church. Leaders: Faith Shine “Star In The East”; Ester Rothenbusch “Promised Land”, “Resignation”; Keith MacAdam “Exultation”; Fred Todt “Consolation”. Deb Loftis gave a talk on the history of the Big Singing in Benton, Kentucky.


The morning session was called back to order by Bob Meek leading from The Sacred Harp book with song on page 143. Leaders: Eric Conrad 142; Debbie Hall 146; Fred Todt 480; Lee Steinmetz 163; Janet Fraembs 481; Keith MacAdam 178; Dick Dunagan 73; Val Dunagan 66; Ester Rothenbusch 147; Bob Meek 117; Laura Chipe 145; Deb Loftis 354; James Page 193; Bev Tillman 63; Hugh McElrath 72; Lois Hurt 551; Eric Conrad 163; Debbie Hall 200; Fred Todt 547; Lee Steinmetz 236; Janet Fraembs 335; Keith MacAdam 107; Dick Dunagan 448; Val Dunagan 171. At this time a memorial session was called for with Keith MacAdam leading 479 in memory of his mother. Hugh McElrath led 49 in memory of Glen Wilcox. The morning session was closed with prayer by Jack Oliver, pastor of Vine Street Baptist Church.


The afternoon session was called to order by Laura Chipe who led from the Southern Harmony book the song “O Come, Come Away”. Leaders: Faith Shine “The Young Convert”; Todd Greve “Remember Me”; Jim Page “Georgia”; Mary Brinkman “Evening Shade”; Eric Conrad “Samanthra”; Deb Loftis “Sweet Rivers”; Lee Steinmetz “Rock of Ages”; Keith MacAdam “French Broad”; Janet Fraembs “Green Fields”; Val Dunagan “The Babe of Bethlehem”; Ester Rothenbusch “The Singing Christian”; Daryl Mayberry “The Morning Trumpet”. Deb Loftis gave a talk on the comparison of Southern Harmony and Sacred Harp.


The afternoon session was called back to order using The Sacred Harp book. Leaders: Daryl Mayberry 556; Laura Chipe 159; Fred Todt 457 by request of Pat Meek; Deb Loftis 312; James Page 216; Hugh McElrath 49; Lois Hurt 79; Bob Meek 569b; Eric Conrad 504; Daryl Mayberry 82; Debbie Hall 184; Fred Todt 212. At this time an announcement was made that 71 had registered for the singing. A state role call was made, and the afternoon session was closed with Bob Meek leading from The Sacred Harp book the song on page 267. Hugh McElrath led from the Southern Harmony book “The Christian’s Farewell”. Hugh McElrath closed the singing with prayer.

Secretary—Robert A. Meek.