Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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John Etheridge Sacred Harp Singing In Memorial to Winston Jones and Doss Bryan (Cooper Book)

Valley Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Opp, Alabama

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The class was called to order by Chairman Mike Jones leading 36b. The opening prayer was offered by Paul King. The introductory lesson was led by Frank Hattaway singing 49b, 73t, and 68t.

Leaders: Eloise Wooten 155, 47t; Shane Wooten 138t, 54t; Rodney Ivey 292b, 497; Michael Jones 450, 384; Kennon Smith 189, 299.


The class was called back to order by Mike Jones leading 68b.

The class organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—John Etheridge; Vice Chairman—Wayne Jones; Secretary—Faye Jones.

Before stepping down, Mike Jones made a motion to the class that many singers of this area and throughout the state wanted this singing to be called the John Etheridge Singing. This was to show the love and appreciation the singers have for John. Immediately after taking the office of Chairman, John Etheridge requested the singing be called the Winston Jones and Doss Bryan Memorial Singing.

Leaders: Wilburn Ellison 31b, 31t; Paul King 133, 32t; Ernestine Pipkin 276, 171; Jewel Roland 143, 341; Joseph Norris 176t, 282; Sylvia Ivey 199.


The class resumed singing with John Etheridge leading 145t. Leaders: Gerald Norris 507, 553; Nate Green and Norma Green 30t, 498b; Frank Strickland 511t, 573; Donna Wooten and Hobert Ivey 440b, 511b; Barbara Jones 563, 72.


Wayne Jones called the class back to order with 330t. Leaders: Janet King 225, 82; Faye Jones 422b, 47b; Eva Padgett 309; Sam Schofield 288, 58; Rhonda Harrison and Donna Jones 59, 515; Tommie Spurlock 484 (for Mike and Faye Jones’ grandson, Brandon, who will be leaving for Iraq this month); Tim Jones 94, 285t; Ford Bulger 355, 491.


John Etheridge led “Mercy Seat” as the session resumed.

Leaders: Merlene Hughes 500, 174; Aubrey Barfield 408, 561; Chrissy Schofield 571, 63; Jenny Whitworth 270, 120; Billy Kelly 108t, 558; Brian Kelly 559; Ashley Kilpatrick 541, 500; Mae Kilpatrick 367.


The class was called to order by Wayne Jones leading 76b. Leaders: Bill Farris 111b, 275b; Agnes Farris 378; Stanley Smith 278; Steven Talbert 466, 478; Joe Nall 543; Earnest Cockcroft 77; J.D. Jones 395, 162; Linda Westbrook 336; Bill Aplin 567; Lera Ellison 134, 447b; Paul King 38t (for Thurman Nall).

Announcements were made. John Etheridge led 205 as the closing song, with the last verse being the benediction. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—John Etheridge; Vice Chairman—Wayne Jones; Secretary—Faye Jones.