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Ohio Valley Shape Note Singing

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 30-May 1, 2005

Saturday, April 30

The tenth session of the Ohio Valley Shape Note Singing was held at Harrods Creek Baptist Church on the first Sunday and Saturday before in May. Michael Cull opened the singing by extending a welcome to everyone, followed by announcements. Mike Grimes offered the morning prayer.

Three books were used both days: The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition; Southern Harmony; and B.F. White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition.

The following were officers for the singing: Chairlady—Michele Cull; Vice Chair—Bob Meek; Secretary—Brenda Waters; Arranging Committee—B. Chandler Bainter, Jr. and Jack Oliver.

Leaders: Claire Outten 481; Cheryl Foreman 203; David Rust 515; David Carlton 16 (SoH); Jamie Duff 117; Steve Duff 344 (CB); Peggy Brayfield 178; Liz Meitzler 270; James Page “Plum Grove”; James Herr 475; Clara Herr 209; William Shetter 336t (CB); John Plunkett 315 (SoH); Reba Windom 505 (CB).


The class resumed singing. Leaders: Don Bowen 511t (CB); Loraine Bayer 171 (for Jeanette Lowry); Greg Creech 38 (SoH); Eloise Clark 411 (CB); Joan Aldridge 559 (CB); Mike Grimes 496; Janet Fraembs 265 (SoH); Bob Meek and David Williams 488b (CB); Regina Bayer and Elizabeth Waters 392 (CB); Sandie Scott 28 (SoH); Marilyn Burchett 551; Hans Bayer 488t (CB); Jubal Bayer 85; Carol Crawford 108b; Sheryl Pockrose 410 (CB); Joyce Brown 495; Joan Redd 86; Mary Brinkman 47; John Bayer 300; Michele Cull and Ray De Connick (from Belgium) 282; Doug Trent and Brenda Waters 68b; Greg Duff and Steve Duff 503; Christine Cox and Eloise Clark 163b; B. Chandler Bainter, Jr. 268 (CB); Claire Outten 83 (SoH). Mike Grimes offered the blessing on the noon meal.


Michele Cull brought the afternoon session to order leading 38 (CB). Leaders: Cheryl Foreman 140 (CB); David Rust 322 (SoH); David Carlton 78 (SoH); Jamie Duff 393; Steve Duff 198; Peggy Brayfield 344; Liz Meitzler 567; B. Chandler Bainter, Jr. 151 (CB) (in honor of Alexander and Tina Savelyev and their ministry); James Page 173b (SoH); James Herr 222; Clara Herr 384; Bill Shetter 453 (CB); John Plunkett 264 (CB); Reba Windom 299.


Michele Cull brought the class to order leading 454. Leaders: Don Bowen 367 (CB); Loraine Bayer 146; Jim Crawford 107; Greg Creech 6b (SoH); Sharon Hill 236; Eloise Clark 565; Joan Aldridge 84 (CB); Mike Grimes 66; Janet Fraembs 218; Bob Meek 324t (SoH); Marilyn Burchett 571 (CB); Eldridge family 63 (by request).

The closing prayer was offered by John Bayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, May 1

The class was called to order and an opening prayer was offered. Leaders: Bob Meek 103 (SoH); Joan Aldridge 541 (CB), 572 (CB); Janet Fraembs 107 (CB), 271b (CB); Don Bowen 283, 517; Reba Windom 573 (CB), 137 (CB); John Plunkett 121 (SoH), 6t (SoH); Jubal Bayer 117, 388; Bill Shetter 575 (CB), 278 (SoH); Clara Herr 547, 348t; Jim Herr 310 (SoH), 54t (CB).


The class resumed singing with John Bayer leading 143. Leaders: Jim Page 72 (SoH), 50 (SoH);John Bayer 89t (SoH), 88 (SoH); Liz Meitzler and Olivia Taylor 319, 148; Peggy Brayfield 195, 504; Steve Duff 331b (SoH), 39 (CB); Judy Schuetz 350, 200; Jim Crawford 351, 186.

Steve Duff and John Plunkett conducted the memorial lesson and led 569 in honor of the sick and shut-ins, and 564 in memory of the deceased. Comments were made about the difference between Sacred Harp singers and singers who sing Sacred Harp. The memorial was concluded.

Leaders: Hans Bayer 176t, 385b; Jamie Duff and Steve Duff 345b; Jamie Duff 142; Carol Crawford 312 (SoH), 267b (SoH); David Rust 17 (SoH), 17b (SoH).


The afternoon session began with Michele Cull leading 408 and 236 for Jack Oliver. Leaders: Cheryl Foreman 430, 71; Bob Meek 384, 268; Brad Bahler 198 (SoH), 58; Eldridge family 505, 38 (CB); Joyce Brown 178, 147; Joan Redd 227,133; Bob Meek 284 (for Joan Frankel), 25 (SoH); Sheryl Pockrose 180 (CB), 133 (CB); Marilyn Burchett 229 (CB); John Plunkett 96 (for Marilyn Burchett); Sandie Scott and John Plunkett 127 (SoH); Sandie Scott 318; Naomi Frick 138b, 63; the class 511 (CB).

Announcements were made. We had singers and visitors from eleven states and one foreign country represented this year. The date for the 2006 singing will be April 29th and 30th.

The closing song was 347. Jim Herr offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairlady—Michele Cull; Vice Chair—Bob Meek; Secretary—Brenda Waters.